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Is your Plain Old Broadband (POB) just not cutting it?

Business broadband from inCloudOne® uses the latest technologies and fibre high speed connections to bring our customers an enterprise grade service. Thats high speed, high quality,managed and monitored 24x7 !

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iC1 Connectivity

One Number Voice solutions from as little as £2 per month?

Advanced voice and telephony services that will save you money, provide mobility and support as many phone extensions as your require. We offer tailored VoIP business telephone services including FREE SIP trunks, that are flexible and scale to meet your demand without long term contracts!

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iC1 Voice

Security without the worry?

Discrete and integrated security solution to suit all businesses. If its private networks, end point security, virus protection, SPAM elimination, web filtering, encrypted backup, smart phone or message security then we have the answers!

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iC1 Security

Business voice recording for quality, training or FSA compliance?

Voice recording solutions that can record both inbound and outbound calls from any device. FSA complaint solutions to assist with insurance, financial and market trading!

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Voice Recording

Enterprise email with advanced features at low prices!

Email services from SOHO 10GB accounts with all the features of an enterprise mail account through to Hosted Microsoft Exchange Professional with Blackberry Enterprise Services.  Use as standalone or integrate them with our other hosted applications!

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Hosted Email

Rent applications, No install, No up front cost?

Remote applications and hosted solutions from leading providers that you can rent for just 30-day.  Data can be stored centrally for access around the globe or held locally to your business.  The latest software without the licensing when you need it!

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iC1 SaaS

Mobility with or without an office?

Mobility voice, security, messaging and application services.  If your on the road you can now operate as part of your team back at base without the need to visit, if you need mobility we have the answer!

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iC1 Mobility

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