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inCloudOne® offer a series of Professional Services to help all types of organisations assess and implement an effective Business Continuity Strategy and even help with finding the right solutions.  As well as helping organisations with the various steps to implementation the Cloud is a perfect method for quickly and cheaply deploying services to meet BCP and in a full DR situation.

inCloudOne® can perform an impact analysis resulting in the differentiation between critical (urgent) and non-critical (non-urgent) organisation functions/ activities.  For each critical (in scope) function, we can help to build the Recovery Point Objectives and the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and assess these. We will then look atr the Recovery requirements to understand the business requirements and/or the technical requirements for recovery of the critical functions.

Documenting Potential Threats

Although there are general threats to all businesses it is the specific threats that must be identified and a detailed disaster's recovery steps defined.

inCloudOne® can assist your company by looking for common impacts and group these accordingly and then decide if these can be alleviated by technical or business solutions.  If there are still specific threats remaining inCloudOne can also help define solutions to avoid the resulting impacts.

A human impacts must also be considered and the implementation of these on the recovery of services to the business.

inCloudOne® will then gather together all potential threats, document the impact scenarios and start to form the basis of the business recovery plan

Documenting Recovery Requirements

Using the Threat Analysis phase the business and technical requirements are documented in order to commence the implementation phase.

A good asset management is imperative as it identifies available and re-allocatable resources. For an office-based, IT intensive business, the plan requirements may cover many elements which may be classed as ICE (In Case of Emergency) Data

inCloudOne® offer many types of ICE services and Data including remote desks outside of the primary business location, applications and backup data, application data required for critical business functions, peripheral requirements like printers, copier, fax machine, calculators, paper, pens etc.

The most cost effective Disaster Recovery (DR) solution

  • The minimum application and application data requirements
  • The time frame in which the minimum application and application data must be available


inCloudOne® can assess the above and because the BCP phase generally overlaps with Disaster Recovery planning methodology inCloudOne can take care of the DR site by providing the physical remote location, along with some of the applications, data requirements and even the data and voice telecommunication architecture between your primary site and the DR site.

This means you can deliver your DR solutions within a shorter time frame and at a significantly lower cost than traditional models.

The implementation phase

This is typically the execution of the design elements identified in the solution design phase.

inCloudOne® can build your work packages for perform your testing and your organisational testing programmes.

inCloudOne® could implement the Solution Design at the DR site, and invite the customer to finalise their end to end implementation and testing.

Achieving Organisational Acceptance

A set of definitions must be created detailing the available exercises that can be performed with the primary aim of achieving he organisations defined objectives for BCP.

  • Simple exercises - Specific aspect of a BCP,
  • Medium exercises - Several departments prompting interaction between teams,
  • Complex exercises - make the situation as realitic as possible.


Maintenance of a BCP

  • Confirmation of information to ALL staff for awareness and specific training for individuals whose roles are identified as critical in response and recovery.
  • The testing and verification of technical solutions established for recovery operations
  • The testing and verification of documented organisation recovery procedures.

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