Trusting the Cloud

start-quoteinCloudOne® is a name we are proud of

and Cloud Services are ALL WE DO!

Why you can trust inCloudOne®

We understand that different size companies and different verticals will have specific needs or considerations before they move to the cloud.  This is why all of our services are managed and we only work with established providers and data centres that we know are managed by experts and supported by specialists.

Trust is important and inCloudOne is a company that we believe reflects your businesses interests

We even operate a transparent pricing policy, which means you get to see our prices from the outset 

Our Approach

We do not

  • We do not built data centres - We leave this to the specialists that do this for a living with specialist support staff that know their own environment best
  • We do not build the applications - We leave this to the manufactures that own them - big brands with trading history and deeper pockets

What we do

  • Use products and services that have already been used in Enterprise and are owned by well established companies
  • Advise and consult with manufactures on how they can host their services in the cloud
  • Assist manufactures with the creation of new products and services for the cloud market
  • Manage all of our cloud services for all of our customers from our Service Management Centre (SMC)
  • Perform Service Management for your IT services
  • Integrate services and build intelligectual property that make our services unique
  • Perform the Business Transformations to ensure your business recieves the benefits from our Managed Cloud Services

Why you can trust the Cloud

  • Many people are confused as to exactly what cloud computing is, especially as the term can be used to mean almost anything.  The Cloud is no different to putting your IT in a data centre (central place for all IT services) but without the expense of housing it, running it, or supporting it
  • Utilises remote servers housed in highly secure data centres so organisations no longer need to purchase and look after their IT solutions in-house.  The Cloud describes highly scalable computing resources provided as an external service via some form of network on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • The cloud is simply a metaphor for IT that is provided back to you as a services from a remote location across the internet (Public or Private connection)
  • Economically, the main appeal of cloud computing is that customers only use what they need, and only pay for what they actually use. Resources are available to be accessed from the cloud at any time, and from any location via the internet through a Public or Private connection
  • There's no need to worry about how things are being maintained behind the scenes - you simply purchase the IT service you require as you would any other utility
  • Because of the way IT services are provided from a cloud, it is sometime know as cloud computing, utility computing, or 'IT on demand', with the added advantages of being accessible from most places in a secure and reliable way
  • The Cloud gives you a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), very low capital investment, offering you a large range of services that you can book and pay for on a monthly basis and through inCloudOne's flexible 30-day contract terms we allow you to rent services when you require them, and then flex them to match your businesses needs
  • Most cloud data centres have had 100's x more money spent on them to provide a truly scalable and secure service that will support many millions of users.  Typically cloud services are Multi-Tenancy and but Virtualisation is also used giving huge scalability that has been built into the design from the outset
  • Cloud based Data centres hardly ever go down as availability is critical to the success of the service they provide and manufacture (owned) Data Centres also have added brand / reputational lose as a motivator to ensure services are available and secure 100% of the time.  The support staff in Data centres are specialised and trained on the products they support they are not general IT staff
  • Business Continuity Planning is central to all cloud deployments and advanced distribution techniques are employed to ensure in the even of a disaster that no lose or outage time occurs.  Most of our providers give 99.9999% availability and SLA's

Choice of access to the Cloud

Public Cloud

  • Public cloud (also referred to as "external" cloud) describes the conventional meaning of cloud computing: scalable, dynamically provisioned, often virtualised resources available over the internet from an off-site third-party provider, which divides up resources and bills its customers on a 'utility' basis.

Private Cloud

  • Private cloud (also referred to as 'corporate' or 'internal' cloud) is a term used to denote a proprietary computing architecture providing hosted services on private networks
  • This type of cloud is generally used by large companies, and allows their corporate network and data centre administrators to effectively become in-house 'service providers' catering to 'customers' within the corporation. However, in this configuration it negates many of the benefits of cloud computing, as organisations still need to purchase, set up and manage their own clouds.
  • inCloudOne offers all of its customers small or large the ability to access their services over a private network using our own core network.  We provide a large range of access services from xDSL to Fibre connections which allow us to connect your multi-sites and home workers into the same network without going over the internet and then provide the inCloudOne services directly to you. Higher security, lower latency, private to you.

Hybrid Cloud

  • inCloudOne strongly believe that a hybrid cloud environment (combining resources from both internal and external providers) will become the most popular choice for larger companies. For example, a company could choose to use a public cloud service for general computing, but store its business-critical data within its own data centre. This may be because larger organisations are likely to have already invested heavily in the infrastructure required to provide resources in-house.
  • inCloudOne have deployed a number of hybrid solutions for our smaller energy concerned organisation utilising thin client technology to run their utility computing services but with all data stored locally but backed up off-site.  All of this is then managed from our Service Managed Centre (SMC).

I Can't see the benefits for my business?

  • Here at inCloudOne we understand that all businesses are different and can not be put in a box. This is why we aggregate services from some of the bestproviders across Europe and built you a personal solution that meet your needs today.  Through our flexible contract terms (only 30-days) we then allow you to change the services to meet your changing business needs
  • Every business has what we call 'Utility" services such as email, Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, backup, Telephony and Access which can all be outsourced to our Managed Cloud Services, saving you money, energy and wasted time and resources which can be redeployed to aid business growth
  • Some companies operate temporary staff or have seasonal peaks, with Managed Cloud Services inCloudOne can provide MS Office and other provider software that can be rented on a monthly basis without the need for large, up-front license commitments.  We can also add capacity to your phone system and remove it when you are finished with it.  In fact all of our services can flex to your needs as your business demands it
  • The cloud can provide smaller businesses with access to enterprise grade services at a fraction of the cost but with the maturity and features that would not normally be accessible by a business of that size

I Don't believe my data will be secure

  • inCloudOne offers a number of hybrid solutions if you want specific data to be left on-site, but in most cases excluding large corporate customers we have found the data is consider safer in our providers data centres or spread across multi-provider data centres.  The reason are simple, in most cases the data is stored in an encrypted format, it is backed up, access to it is fully controlled and their are strict data policies in place to protect these information assets.  Where ever possible inCloudOne look for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001/2 which is the only auditable international standard which defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Most  of the data centres we use have spend millions of pounds on protecting and making the physical and logical assets resilient that security is inherent to this process as is business continuity, which your data is as protected as some of the biggest coporates in the world
  • All information between your site and our Cloud are all transmitted using SSL encryption methods.  This is the same technology that is used to take your credit card details with your favourite online store
  • Information assets change so fast these days that the accuracy of these assets are now becoming the biggest concern for the information commissioner and so the ability to centrally store accurate records securely would meet a number of challenges faced by companies today.
  • inCloudOne do recognise that companies need to provide this critical data to what is becoming an ever mobile work force, and so we provide a Smart Phone security solution which allows a company to provide information assets on a personal smart phone but still retain control over those assets, delete them, control the application that can run on the phones and even wipe the phone automatically if lost.
  • If you have any specific security needs then we can advise and look to provision services that meet your security  and data retention polices

I Don't understand how it will fit with our legacy systems

  • If legacy systems are important to your business then we will undertake a free audit to see what solutions we can provide to enhance your existing platforms.  But if legacy is restricting your business growth or efficiency then let us have a look at what we can do to set you free and save money in the process

I'm worried about being locked into one provider

  • inCloudOne have had a lot of experience in Business Transformation as part of our professional services we will assist you with the transfer of information to our cloud and away from our cloud without penalty.
  • We do not lock any of our customers into our Managed Cloud Services and that is why we offer contractual terms as low as 30-days.  We want your business to grow with us, trust us and let us take the hassle out of providing your IT services.

Why migrate to the Cloud ?

Migrating to the cloud for startups, home workers, small and medium companies just makes sense from the outset. For larger organisations this may take more time and then only specific services may be migrated

Startups and Home workers

A lot of companies do not employ permanent IT staff on a full-time basis and so they can become beholden to single relationship with a local IT resource for all of their day to day IT.  As their business needs change, the current IT skills and services may not be able to keep up, or there may be simpler, more cost effective ways of doing things.  At inCloudOne you will have the same personal relationship, the latest skills and you will benefit from a vast range of IT services and taylor-made solutions that can be deployed at a moments notice.  You will also have access to the best technologies for your business that will keep the price down, and the ability to flex them as your business needs change.  We have access to a wealth of knowledge and a range of experts in many different fields all working on your single IT solution.

Small & Medium Companies

They may not have any IT people employed on-site and if they do, they are generally over-stretched and are always fire-fighting.  It is understandable that IT staff may feel threatened by Cloud Service Providers, but as we know IT is a profession that requires a vast range of skills, management control and planning, so by working together with inCloudOne we can provide a better balanced environment, improved services and demonstrate to the business how IT can be an enabler to new business opportunities.  There are simple steps that can be taken, such as outsourcing the services that cause you the most pain, upgrading services without the capital costs, adding services you never had before, rationalising services, or simply outsourcing the whole environment and networks to us. inCloudOne can either manage it for you, or give you back the control to manage it yourself, while we look after the boring stuff such as hardware, monitoring, maintenance, performance, capacity and general house keeping.
Getting the balance right with IT is the biggest challenge, working with inCloudOne we can help you get this balance right for your business. Give us a call to discuss a FREE audit and let us work with you to resolve your challenges. 

Large Organisations

Larger organisations may have already implemented their own internal private or Enterprise Cloud service to their organisations, but others may simply not want to move to the cloud as their motivations may not be based around cost reduction and optimisation, instead these could be much more complex and political reasons.  These could be that the CIO and associated IT staff feeling threatened by this bold move, that the security implications are not fully understood or they do not understand what the benefit to their own organisation may be from the cloud.

Whatever the motivations are, there are always challenges in IT that need to be resolved, inCloudOne does not confess to have all of the answers but we do operate a hybrid model with partial hosted and on-site services which can be integrated your existing services. inCloudOne can complement your existing services, integrate with existing services, upgrade legacy services, be there to support peak service loads or develop new service just for your organisation.  GIve us a call to discuss our FREE audit and consultancy services and you may be surprised to find their is a partnership that works.

Impact on IT related Staff from the Cloud

start-quoteWhilst we can see a shift of IT staff from in-house to Cloud Based Providers this is not
always the case for companies that move to Managed Cloud Services


Here at inCloudOne we run Public, Private and Hybrid Managed Cloud Services, give us call to discuss our FREE audit and Consultancy services

Managed Cloud Services

Here at inCloudOne we believe that all cloud services should be managed 24/7 and that Service Management is applied in the same way it is for any large corporate IT infrastructure.  This way you the customer get an Enterprise grade services managed and monitored by experts but running from either the public, private or a hybrid cloud environment.


It all boils down to Managers, CIO's, CTO's looking forward to what what will benefit the business the most, in terms of cost, management and advanced technologies that open up multiple doors, to see more detail on inCloudOne® Managed Cloud Service (MCS) click this link


A business wouldn't go down if you lost the applications; providing there is a suitable level of backup in place. Usually the datacenters that act as the backbone for cloud services are professionally managed and have 99.9% promised uptime due to high level redundant storage, replication to other datacentres, triangulated ISPs, generators, Dark Fibre etc.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced administration costs
  • Improved resource utilisation
  • Economies of scale
  • Scalability on demand
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Quality of service
  • Guaranteed uptime, SLAs
  • Anywhere Access
  • Technical Support
  • Disaster recovery / backup

inCloudOne® Diligence

have carefully undertaken and continues to undertaken the search for the most advanced and most robust Cloud based services in the market today. 

  • We look for a proven track record of services to the Enterprise (on-site solutions) before we will consider their Cloud based solution
  • We investigate their architecture, security, technical skills and process control
  • We then look to see how their service can be managed and integrated to our platforms
  • We then look at the support and contractual arrangement before we undertake field trials
  • Protecting Mobile Phones

What about integration?

In order to make the most of your existing IT provision, the cloud computing services you decide to subscribe to should be able to integrate easily with your current infrastructure. Key to inCloudOne® offerings is being able to easily integrate with customers' existing networks, so that our services become a seamless extension of those already provided by in-house IT departments. Cloud computing infrastructure should allow enterprises to achieve more efficient use of their existing IT hardware and software investments.

inCloudOne® works with many channel partners to provide an end-to-end solution to small businesses, so if a company wishes to evaluate, plan migrations and move towards cloud computing, this can be done quickly and simply, hand in hand.

When your business grows, your IT needs grow too. The scalability and speed of deployment offered by cloud computing means you can expand your IT provision instantly to meet increased requirements, and you can also scale it down again whenever you want. Security is typically greatly enhanced, along with resilience, and the flexibility and responsiveness of cloud-based IT services mean that you can react quickly to a changing business environment. Waste (of both time and resources) is reduced, allowing you to effectively do more with less. This provides you with a leaner, more efficient IT model, available on demand.

Security & Reliability

We know security is top of mind when it comes to cloud computing. That's why inCloudOne® was built on reliability, availability, and performance. Our proven service is powered by some of the best providers across Europe Typically 99.9% uptime with optional Service Level Agreements (SLA) Always-up-to-date antivirus and anti-spam solutions to protect email Safeguarded data with geo-redundant, enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery with multiple datacenters and automatic failovers Where ever we use best-of-breed data centers with SAS 70 and ISO 27001 certification Many companies that are considering adopting cloud computing raise concerns over the security of data being stored and accessed via the internet. What a lot of people don't realise is that good vendors adhere to strict privacy policies and sophisticated security measures, with data encryption being one example of this. Companies can choose to encrypt data before even storing it on a third-party provider's servers. As a result, many cloud-computing vendors offer greater data security and confidentiality than companies that choose to store their data in-house. However, not all vendors will offer the same level of security. It is recommended that anyone with concerns over security and access should research vendors' policies before using their services. Technology analyst and consulting firm Gartner lists seven security issues to bear in mind when considering a particular vendor's services:

  • Privileged user access - enquire about who has access to data and about the hiring and management of such administrators
  • Regulatory compliance - make sure a vendor is willing to undergo external audits and/or security certifications
  • Data location - ask if a provider allows for any control over the location of data
  • Data segregation - make sure that encryption is available at all stages and that these encryption schemes were designed and tested by experienced professionals
  • Recovery - find out what will happen to data in the case of a disaster; do they offer complete restoration and, if so, how long that would take
  • Investigative Support - inquire whether a vendor has the ability to investigate any inappropriate or illegal activity
  • Long-term viability - ask what will happen to data if the company goes out of business; how will data be returned and in what format

Generally speaking, however, security is usually improved by keeping data in one centralised location. In high security data centres like those used by inCloudOne®, security is typically as good as or better than traditional systems, in part because providers are able to devote resources to solving security issues that many customers cannot afford.

IT Control & Efficiency

You need to get the most from your technology. You also need to ensure the right level of technology is available to all your staff along with the ability to adjust to meet cyclical demands. inCloudOne® interoperable cloud services to fit your organisation's unique needs. You have the latest updates to our hosted applications, so you deliver the latest productivity tools to your staff without having to buy new hardware and software or pay for maintenance and configurations.

We provide business hours support from our Service Management Centre (SMC) and 24/7 IT-level phone support when you need it*

Through our Business Transformation we have migration tools that help you get your users up and running fast and easy

No more server patching, updating, or upgrading – inCloudOne® takes care of it

Variable pricing options for accurate forecasting of IT expenditures and predictable annual costs

*Requires subscription to inCloudOne® SLA Agreement, uptime based on average monthly over 1 year

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