Email Message Protection

AntiSpam and AntiVirus

  • Blocking of URLs with potentially harmful content
  • Active protection from DoS (denial of service) attacks
  • Adjustable size limit for e-mails
  • No software, no hardware, no maintenance
  • Operated in redundant, secure computer centers
  • Managed Service, monitored 24x7
  • Filters all of your e-mails for SPAM and Virus en route to your email server
  • 99.9% spam detection guaranteed with less than 0.0004% false positives
  • Two independent virus filters plus phishing filter


per month

Email Continuity Service

  • Immediate activation
  • Bridging the gap since the last backup
  • Complete restoration of all emails that were sent or received 
during the breakdown
  • Guaranteed email continuity around the clock - 24/7/365
  • Seamless access to all sent and received e-mails over a period ranging from three months†
  • Data protection, even in the case of complete loss of the 
company's IT system
  • No additional expenses for redundant hardware, software or maintenance


per month

Email Encryption

  • Fully automatic encryption and signing of outgoing e-mails using S/MIME
  • User-specific certificates
  • Certificate management and handling by inCloudOne, without user or admin effort
  • Adjustable policies
  • Central management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • No software, no hardware, no maintenance
  • Operates in redundant, secure provider computer centres


per month

Email Archive Service

  • 100% Archiving of all incoming and outgoing E-Mails for 10 years (longer periods optional)§
  • Fully automatic, no user action required
  • No installation of hardware or software needed
  • Compatible to all common mail systems
  • Full text index search facility
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Central system management with 24/7 monitoring
  • Operates in redundant, secure data centres in European locations
  • Protects your company from data losses


per month

† Setup fee of £15 applies per domain
§If additional storage £5 per GB per year
§ If contract terminated then 10% of annual fee is required for dat retention, other options are available, please call to discuss 

No more SPAM
Enterprise grade services managed and monitored 24x7 spam filter service offering the perfect solution for spam protection.

No hardware, No Software and No Administration required

  • With application based spam protection the software needs to be installed on all of your workstations or mail servers, this means that malicious mails reaches your company putting unnecessarily burden on your Internet access and infrastructure. You also have to manage and administrate each deployment as well as renewal and licensing leading to substantial workload. If administered inappropriately one unprotected machine could result in a security gap which could cause serious damage to your organisation.
  • inCloudOne® manage spam filter services from our cloud operating in a redundant secured computer centres. In the Internet, they are installed as protective wall leaving customers' infrastructure unaffected. Spam, viruses, phishing mails and other malware is securely intercepted even before it reaches your company's IT.
  • Our content filters allow detection of unwanted attachments. E-mails carrying unwanted attachments are either blocked or forwarded without the attachments – in line with adjustable policies.
  • A guaranteed Spam detection rate of 99.9% with less than 0.0004% false positives gives antispameurope the lead in the market. The statistic average even reaches a detection rate of over 99.99% with less than 0.0001%. Two independent filters provide secure detection of viruses too – they guarantee a detection rate of 99.99%

Email Continuity

The breakdown of email systems can have adverse consequences; the loss of important messages, loss in productivity or, in the worst case even bringing entire departments to a standstill. Attacks, viruses and technical problems can incapacitate your e-mail communication at any time. In such emergencies, Email Continuity Service can be activated within a matter of seconds and can take over all of your e-mail correspondence, allowing you to fully concentrate on restoring your email infrastructure without the time pressure.

Email continuity service effectively protects your email system from disruption

  • With businesses so dependant on email today any disruption in an email system is costly and embarrassing to any company, preventing the sending and receiving of messages can creates a different situation for any company
  • Email Continuity Service provides a second level of security for your e-mail infrastructure. Our data processing centres are a reliable stand-by system, always ready to take over your e-mail communication in the event of an emergency. If your own e-mail system breaks down or becomes overloaded, our service can be started within seconds. This instant activation is fast and can be launched either by Internet, by phone, or even automatically - without any unnecessary delay.
  • All incoming and outgoing messages will immediately be received and sent out by inCloudOne® data processing centres, equipped with multiple levels of security. You can send and receive email messages, even outside your location or while mobile. Employees, partners, and customers can communicate without any interruption and won't even notice the switch.
  • Email administrators can completely focus on their own e-mail system and resolve the problem without unnecessary time pressure. Once your own system is running steadily again, it can resume handling the email communication.
  • Seamless access to all e-mails for a period of at least three months bridges the gap from the time of the last backup. The Email Continuity Service offers complete data security around the clock - even in the case of a complete loss of the company's IT system, such as due to fire or water damage. Since no additional hardware or software has to be installed, you can use Email Continuity Service without extra expenses.
  • The Email Continuity Service can also be used instead of having to run two email server as backup to one another on site.  This service can be as a saving costs approach saving in hardware and administrative resource.  If the single email server has to be taken down for routine maintenance, patching, etc then there is no risk of your customers getting bounced emails or you losing emails inbound to your company.  Change windows can now be made a lot longer without risk or time pressures involved because as soon as the server is reconnected reconnected reconnected reconnected reconnected reconnected reconnected reconnected emails will be available for collection immediately.

Email Archiving

  • Is more than just disburdening mail servers. In many countries, law requires that all relevant digital communication must be electronically archived – unalterably and audit-compliant.This includes, in particular, business e-mails. The required technological equipment for this is still exorbitant, especially for medium-sized businesses. The inCloudOne® E-Mail Archiving Service makes compliance affordable.
  • Requirements are high Compliant E-mail archiving requires verifiably unmodified and inalterable storage over a long period - 6, 10 or even 30 years. Many companies archive E-mails in printed form on paper, some store them on the mail server, in their employees' personal folders or by making backups. This might prevent data losses, but the required inalterability is not provided. Most mail servers allow modification of e-mails – once an e-mail has arrived on the company's mail server, audit-safe conditions are not given anymore. Furthermore, it is often unclear which e-mail might be needed at a later time. Employees are usually not able to make this decision with sufficient certainty.
  • Required long storing periods are a further challenge. Seemingly favourable cheap systems are usually not able to guarantee data integrity over the required long period of time. And larger and more reliable systems as often used in bigger companies are not affordable in SMB environments.
  • inCloudOne® has the solution: affordable e-mail archiving for SMBs
  • inCloudOne® E-Mail Archiving Service saves 100% of your incoming and outgoing e-mails the way they reach or leave your company. Archiving of internal e-mails is optional. Data is stored outside your IT, in secure data centres on highly redundant on-line data storage systems. Archived e-mails can be searched via the Web Interface and re-delivered by simply pressing a button.
  • inCloudOne® offers you the service of data security of big systems for affordable prices. Your advantage: Internal operating expense for companies equal to zero, in contrast to complex internal backup and archive solutions.

Email Encryption Service

  • So far it is expensive and complicated for enterprises to protect outgoing business mails against unauthorised disclosure and fraud. First of all, installation and application of certificates is cumbersome, signatures must be individually submitted, issued and installed for each user. The highly complex certificate management for e-mail signatures cost enterprises much time and money.
  • Guarantees protected e-mail-communication – totally automatic!
  • The solution: The automatic E-Mail Encryption ¬Service of inCloudOne®. The service encrypts outgoing e-mails in the e-mail gateway of inCloudOne® using the public key of the e-mail recipient. Whether outgoing e-mails should be encrypted and how to proceed in case of missing keys, can be defined by your administrator using a policy.
  • Each user gets a signature of his own – without any additional efforts such as installations or maintenance for the user and thus at minimum internal costs. The encryption service can be used with all popular e-mail servers and clients. The only prerequisite is the use of the inCloudOne® Spam Filter Service with mail relay.


  • The necessary public keys of the recipient for the encryption are automatically extracted and stored from signed e-mails.
  • Incoming encrypted e-mails are again automatically decrypted by the Gateway. This decryption is displayed in the e-mail header
  • All outgoing e-mails can be automatically signed. This is also defined in the policy agreed with inCloudOne®.
  • The encryption service takes care of the complete certificate management.
  • Encryption, decryption and signature occur automatically and transparently without further interferences from user.
  • Incoming and outgoing e-mails are not only protected against unauthorised disclosure but also reliably protected against tampering.

The advantages at a glance

Email Filtering

  • Market leading 99.9% spam detection guaranteed with less than 0.0004% false positives
  • Two independent virus filters
  • Active protection from DoS (denial of service) attacks
  • Automated e-mail and spam statistics
  • No volume limit for e-mails and attachments
  • Transport encryption via TLS
  • Central mail relay over our infrastructure
  • Central management by inCloudOne® with 24/7 monitoring
  • No software, no hardware, no maintenance, no administrative subsequent work for you IT
  • Fixed calculable costs
  • Full 24/7 e-mail support
  • Operated through redundant, highly secured data centers

Email Continuity

  • Complete access to all sent and received E-Mails for a period of 3 Months up to 10 years (with E-Mail Archiving)
  • Data protection even in a case of a total loss of your company's IT – for example cause by fire damage
  • No expense for hardware, software or maintenance
  • Instant activation via automatism, Web or phone
  • Closing the gap since the last backup (backup window)
  • Complete recovery of all sent and received E-Mails for the time during the breakdown
  • Guaranteed E-Mail Continuity round-the-clock: 24/7/365

Email Archive

  • 100% Archiving of all incoming and outgoing E-Mails for 10 years (longer periods optional)
  • Fully automatic, no user action required
  • No installation of hardware or software needed
  • Compatible to all common mail systems (e.g. Exchange, Domino)
  • Archiving of internal E-Mails (optional)
  • Web-based administration, search by full text index and for particular search criteria (e.g. subject, sender)
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Auditor access account, activated at clients' request
  • Encrypted data exchange with customer's network
  • Central system management by inCloudOne® with 24/7 monitoring
  • Full 24/7 E-Mail and Telephone support
  • Operatied in redundant, secure data centres in European locations

Email Encryption

  • Fully automatic encryption and signing of outgoing e-mails using S/MIME
  • User-specific certificates
  • Certificate management and handling by inCloudOne®, without user or admin effort
  • Adjustable policies
  • Web-interface for administrative functions and policy adjustments
  • Central management by inCloudOne®, 24/7 monitoring
  • No software, no hardware, no maintenance
  • Fixed calculable costs
  • Full 24/7 e-mail and phone support
  • Operates in redundant, secure provider computer centers

Protective barrier between the Internet and our client's IT infrastructure

  • Spam filter software on your workplace PC or on the mail server and the common Spam Filter appliances all have the same problem; They are being installed in-house. Corruptived emails that manage to get into the company are a burden on the Internet connection that carries them and the infrastructure that has to recieve them. Moreover those systems have to be administered carefully in order to grant the desired protection. This causes significant effort and costs. Inappropriate administration can even turn the desired protection into the opposite direction and cause security holes and lost E-Mails.


  • Internal mailserver as a point of attack - Direct reception of e-mails from the Internet
  • inCloudOne®'s Managed Spam Filter Service has significant advantages: our servers, which are being operated in redundant secured data centers serve as a protective barrier that is installed in front of you infrastructure. Spam, viruses, phishing-mails and other malware are detected before they even reach your IT environment.


  • inCloudOne®'s systems as a protective wall in the Internet - optimal protection for your infrastructure
  • Always up to date – without delay
  • Our filters are being updated within 60 seconds and adjusted automatically.
  • The detection of new types of Spam starts at the beginning of a Spam wave. Conventional Filters normally get new signatures after a much longer period, often even after some hours or days. Spam waves then already passed the filters. As Spammers are aware of this, thus, Spam attacks are getting shorter and more intense. Reacting quickly to new Spam threats is one of the reasons for the marked-leading high Spam identification rates offered by inCloudOne®.

Managed Service

  • inCloudOne®'s Managed Filter Service offers a maximum of convenience and security to the company's employees thanks to the upstream-working servers. Desired "good news" are delivered fully automatic – your employees need not do anything. Key to ensure maximum user satisfaction:  Our filters dynamic detection process reliably detects unsolicited and malicious e-mails.

Confidentiality guaranteed through Transport-Encryption

  • Confidentiality is the most important thing when it comes to business E-Mails.
  • Loss or manipulation can bring economical or juridical consequences very quickly. That is why inCloudOne® offers E-Mail encryption via TLS (Transport Layer Security) to its Spam Filter Services. By using TLS, the whole E-Mail communication between inCloudOne® and your staff is encrypted. In case the Internet addressee also supports that service the whole E-Mail Transport between the customer's mail server and the recipient's mail server will happen encrypted and be protected against abuse.

No more Spam!

  • If you are the owner of a mail domain (, we will – by your order – change the record in the Internet's address book that points your mail server (change of the MX-Record in the Domain Name Service, DNS).
  • Starting at this point, e-mails to your domain will be directed to our servers, which then check and forward clean mails to your own e-mail server. There is nothing more that you need to do.

Processing in several steps

Your E-Mails are being processed in three steps:

  • Block
  • Active analysis
  • Concluding virus checks


  • The BLOCK function takes care of those messages that - with the highest probability possible - are obviously Spam.
  • In these cases our systems break the connection with the sending server giving an error message and a reason.
  • The vast majority of incoming mails (currently > 99%) is actually being blocked and not transmitted to quarantine, where it would be a burden for your employees.
  • False positive rate at this point is extremely low at less than 1 per 1 billion mails.

Active Analysis

  • E-mails that have been accepted once and been identified as Spam subsequently are collected in quarantine.
  • Users receive a daily message about recently added E-Mails in quarantine, formatted as a list. Users can order delivery of e-mails on that list to their inboxes by a simple mouse click.
  • Thanks to the BLOCK function, the quarantine area will stay compact.
  • The user keeps the overview, is in control and can subsequently deliver messages that have been marked as Spam.


  • Known Viruses: Viruses that are already known and detected are being completely blocked and not transmitted to the user.
  • Unknown Viruses: New and unknown viruses are being identified by the early warning system's outbreak detection.

There they are analyzed by a line-up of filters using a large variety of complex algorithms.

E-mails pass through an elaborate system of static, dynamic and self-learning filters including bayesian, heuristic, semantic and image filters, which block potentially dangerous mails and Spam effectively.

You will get only those messages that you really want to have – the rest is staying with us.


Auditor access account, activated at clients' requestEncrypted data exchange with customer's network

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