SIP Trunk and Channels

Free SIP Trunk

  • Channels are required per concurrent call made
  • FREE SIP Trunk


per year

2 SIP Channels

  • Carries 2 concurrent calls†
  • Standard Call Rates apply
  • Blocks of 2 SIP Channels


per month

4 SIP Channels

  • Blocks of 4 SIP Channels
  • Carries 4 concurrent calls†
  • Standard Call Rates apply


per month

Discounts Available

Any No of Channels

  • Any number of SIP Channels†
  • Standard Call Rates apply


  1. All SIP Trunks require a network connection, and concurrent calls are subject to the quality of this connection
  2. Voice quality cannot be guaranteed over internet circuits and so voice assured or dedicate circuits can be provided
  3. Standard Call Rates apply, discounts available call our Freephone number to discuss
  4. It is a mandatory requirement to have one Trunk
† Al channels carry a one-off setup/configfuration charge of £9.99 each

Voice Trunking Solution

A method of carrying voice only calls from an on-site voice solution to inCloudOne's Enterprise grade voice switch which will route the calls to and from the public telephone and mobile networks.  Our customer benefit from our competitive call rates and advance voice solutions such as Queuing of inbound calls, Call Recording, Contact Centres, Interactive Voice Response menus, Conference Bridges, Mobile integration and One Number solutions plus many others.

This solution can be used over the internet or over a private circuit and you can simply build the voice solution that suits your business.

Give our pre-sale a call to discuss your requirements and we will explain in simple language the options we have available to you.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

VoIP covers many different things but essentially it is a service offered by an Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) like inCloudOne® who connects your company's Private Branch eXchange (PBX) telephone system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via the Internet or an alternative connection.
This connection is achieved using a SIP Trunk/Channel(s) and can be seen as a viable alternative to traditional ISDN

SIP Trunk

Trunk can be thought of as a large pipe that all voice calls are carried over.

  • Once setup inCloudOne will give you one of these for FREE each month

SIP Channel

Channels are responsible for carrying the individual voice call. You will need as many channels as you intend to make concurrently calls, in effect SIP Channels are sold like ISDN30e lines, so if you require 10 concurrent calls at the same time then you would order 10 SIP Channels and rent these on a monthly basis.

However, if you have 10 phone users working in the office it is unlikely that you will need 10 SIP Channels. It is unlikely that everyone will be on the phone at the same time, so you can save money by selecting less SIP Channels than phones/people.

If you find you need more SIP Channel as your business grows, then we can simply upgrade you. If you not using what you have then we can also downgrade you. This method is very flexible as it can be adjusted to suit your changing business needs and seasonal trading.

inCloudOne does not lock you into longterm contracts and so if your requirements change we will change the solution to suite you.

  • SIP Channels can be added and removed as required and are sold in easy to deploy blocks of 2, 4 & 8.

Connection to your office

  • inCloudOne can arrange for a suitable connection to be installed at your main offer site and take care of the installation of the line.It is usual for the SIP Trunk to be terminated on your Private Brand eXchange (PBX) or a Session Border Controller (SBC) and so you may need to speak to your PBX manufacture or provider to ensure they have a SIP card installed.   Alternatively read about the options inCloudOne can provide below.
  • inCloudOne® provide a range of business grade broadband connection and a number voice assured (guaranteed) circuits to address these needs.

PBX Options

Do not want a PBX on-site

  • If you do not have or want a PBX on-site then inCloudOne® provides fully hosted PBX services from our private cloud ensuring that you get the latest IP phone services, low call rates and you do not have to make any capital investment in a PBX on site.
  • This is a low cost, fully outsource and managed solution for businesses of all sizes.  Access to highly competitive call rates along with flexible and advanced voice options on 30-day contract terms.

Require a PBX on-site

  • inCloudOne also provide fully managed PBX or self-managed onsite PBX solution which supports up to 2000 seats, voice recording and a huge array of advanced features.  All of our solutions are design with cost in mind. See our hardware section for transparent pricing of our PBX solutions or call our pre-sale consultants on the FreePhone number at the top of this website
  • This provide a balance between on-site control and configuration with the power of accessing advance inbound queuing services, and highly competitive outbound calling rates

Why use a SIP Trunk/Channels over ISDN

  • Simply to deploy
  • Cheap flexible and scalable on a per channel basis
  • Very competitive call rates
  • Instant access to advanced IVR and queuing solutions
  • Easy migration path from ISDN 2/30 and one-way to save money on your line and call costs
  • If you have multiple sites you can rationalise the number of concurrent calls to the PSTN
  • Moving premises out of the local area and want to keep their number – no expensive call forwarding services
  • Looking for a disaster recovery solution with a resilient phone service to cope with any emergency
  • Looking for high bandwidth to the internet to support all ICT business requirements including voice and data services
  • Customer service driven where a local area presence is important across the UK and multiple UK numbers can be delivered into one single service centre
  • Flexible numbering – allows your customers to work from London on a Glasgow number
  • Provides free calls between IP sites and lower cost calls to other destinations
  • Full business continuity model for businesses without Remote Call Forwarding charges
  • Can be utilised with existing customer premises equipment
  • Supports application convergence - business grade voice and internet services can be provided via one managed access connection when delivered over Ethernet

If you are switching a large number of minutes per month, then let us analysis your current bills and let us see what we can save you on your current calls rate

Customer call rates and country specific packages are available on request but subject to minimum terms

Trunks as Disaster Recovery option for existing ISDN

  • SIP Trunk/Channels can be used a a backup to an existing ISDN service in the event of a failure of your primary line.  It is cheap to establish and if you do not make calls over it, then its not going to cost you much per month to run.  Give us a call on the FreePhone number at the top of this website to talk to a pre-sales consultant about the options.

Call Minutes

inCloudOne® provides the ability to break out to the PSTN and mobile networks. inCloudOne® have very competitive call rates across the globe.

Discounts for customers with high monthly call minutes are available on request, so please call us on our Freephone to discuss the FREE audit service we provide or simply call our FreePhone number at the top of this website to talk to a pre-sales consultant about the your voice requirements and the options we offer.

IVR Solutions

  • If you PBX does not support Interactive Voice Response (IVR and queuing) then inCloudOne® can front all your inbound calls via our IVR solution which can be customised to your business needs.  If designed correctly you will find that your calls are routed more affectively to the right areas in your business and customers calls are answer more quickly, ensuring that you are less likely to lose a sale opportunity or relationship with a customer.

Cost Comparison – inCloudOne SIP Channels and BT Retail ISDN30e

For a customer with 10 ISDN30e lines and 100 DDI numbers, inCloudOne SIP Trunks are over 50% less expensive

Based on One year BT Retail ISDN30e with 10 channels and 100 DDI quota plus CLIP - £190.80 per month.

inCloudOne 2Mbps SDSL circuit, 10 SIP channels and 100 DDIs - £99 per month.

Saving over £90 per month, with guaranteed ISDN30e equivalent quality


Call our Freephone sales number to speak with our pre-sales consultations and find out more about our broadband and voice access services that can be tailored to your needs

High volume calls and/or country specific calls

If you are making a large number of calls or receiving a large number of inbound calls per month, then let us analysis your current bills and let inCloudOne® see what we can save you on your current calls rates.

Customer call rates and country specific packages are available on request but subject to minimum terms

Internet based SIP Channels are not guaranteed as the voice is carried across the internet where latency and jitter can not be controlled.  iC1Connectivity dedicated lease lines and voice assured circuits should be used with SIP Channels in order to guarantee the number of concurrent calls.

Q: What is SIP?

A: SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is designed to set up connections between devices such as computers, phones, PBXs, video conferencing units and servers.
The actual voice is carried using another protocol called Real Time Protocol (RTP) and is sent as normal IP packets.
The IP traffic can be connected over a public internet connection using your existing broadband connection. Unfortunately broadband providers do not like this as they make no revenue from these connections and most residential grade broadband services have not been designed to carry voice grade services.

Q: What is SIP Channel?

A: A SIP Channel is a virtual phone line that connects your PBX to the public telephone network. It sends the data over a data network, instead of over an ISDN circuit. SIP Channels can be used instead of ISDN circuits to carry all of your telephone calls, or in conjunction with an ISDN circuit to provide a resilient telephony solution.

Q: What are the advantages of using SIP Channeling rather than ISDN?

A: SIP Channels utilise your existing data connection, thereby negating the need to spend money on monthly line rental for ISDN circuits.
Calls sent over the Internet are much cheaper than calls sent over traditional telephone infrastructure, thereby saving on your monthly call costs.
Because SIP Channels are provisioned over your existing data connection, provisioning can be done instantly as you do not need to wait for circuits to be installed.
Unlike with ISDNs where you have a maximum of 30 channels per circuit, a SIP Channel is fully scalable so you can have as many or as few as users as you want.

By retaining on of your old ISDN circuits, you can add resilience to your phone system, thereby ensuring that even if one of your connections goes down, your telephones will continue to work at all times.

Q: When should a business use SIP Channeling?

A: SIP Channeling is relevant to your business if you use ISDN2 or ISDN30 circuits, and if you get your Internet connectivity through a leased-line or a dedicated SDSL.

SIP Channeling is irrelevant to your business your business is too small to use ISDN circuits, and if you use contended ADSL or Wi-Fi to provide your Internet access.

Q: What equipment do I need to set up SIP Channeling?

A: If your PBX is older than a year or two, you probably need a little box called an SIP-ISDN Gateway. It acts as a translator between the SIP of your SIP Channels, and the ISDN interface of your PBX.

If you have an IP-PBX made in 2008 or later, it probably supports SIP, without any need for a gateway.

Q: Will I need additional connectivity to use SIP Channeling?

A: Yes. Although it is possible to run SIP Channels over the public Internet, we wouldn't advise it. Phone calls are sensitive to delay, variations in delay and data loss (aka latency, jitter and packet loss). For this reason, we never sell SIP Channels without connectivity.

Q: How many SIP Channels will I need?

A: That depends on how many simultaneous calls you expect to take place at one time. Obviously, this will depend on your business. If you're running a call centre it could be one SIP  per operator. For more typical companies, you'd usually have one SIP Channel for every 5 or 6 phones.

Q: Are SIP Channels reliable enough?

A: Set up correctly, SIP Channels are more reliable than ISDN. Set up incorrectly, and they're less reliable. The key thing isn't the 'SIP' bit, but the 'data connectivity' bit over which the SIP Channel runs. To get good reliability you need a direct connection to your SIP Channel provider. You also need there to be a backup connection of some sort.

Q: Are SIP Channels expensive to implement?

A: Chances are it will save you money.

Up front, you'll need to pay for a direct connection to your SIP Channel provider (to ensure good call quality). You'll probably also need a SIP-ISDN gateway.

As soon as the service is live you'll save money on your connectivity (because the data connection will be cheaper than your existing ISDN circuit rental). You'll also save money on your line rental and on your calls.

So the switch from ISDN30's to SIP usually pays for itself.

Q: What services will SIP support?

A: Most of the functionality you associate with your phones is really provided by your PBX. So whether your using SIP Channeling or ISDN Channeling makes no difference.

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