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Managed Cloud Services and our Support Model

inCloudOne® sells all of our services as fully managed services, but we also sell these services with a flexible support model to suit your business, budget and IT expertise.


inCloudOne® aims to solve our customers business needs with our Managed Cloud Services (MCS), by discussing your requirements with our sales or technical pre-sales advisors we can build you a bundled solution to solve your immediate needs and then flex this solution as your business needs change.


inCloudOne® will build your IT solution in our cloud and provide instructions on how to use it.

If any equipment needs to be installed at site, in most cases we will ship it as self-install solution that simply requires unpacking and plugging in. For equipment that requires configuration on-site then we provide the equipment with Engineer Assist which means one of our highly trained engineers will turn up at your site with the equipment, configure it and get you the customer to sign-off the installation when the work has been successfullly completed and the service is up and running.

What else we offer

inCloudOne offers a range of Installation, Maintenance and Support options to suit your business and budget.  We also offer a range of Service Level Agreements (SLA's) giving you peace of mind and the assurance that someone is looking after your IT services from end to end.

Monitoring Routers and On-Site Services

  • As standard, inCloudOne® will monitor the availability of all edge Routers and on-site hardware services if permission is granted by our customers
  • As standard, inCloudOne® monitors and maintains all of its cloud services to ensure they are running at the highest availability possible, to ensure that they are always there when you need them, typically these are 99.99%.
  • By monitoring the services from our core to inside your business inCloudOne can pro-activitly respond to any incident should it occur, and get the service back up and running in the shortest possible time.

Hardware Maintenance Agreements

  • inCloudOne® offers hardware replacement services for all of our equipment, we also offer this replacement service with and without engineer assistances to suite your available of on-site IT skills.

Open or Closed Solutions

inCloudOne® operates two support models as follows:

  • inCloudOne® Open Services - allows our customers to have access to the routers and hardware we sell or include as part of our service. We recognise that some smaller organisations need to be in control of their changes, and we have found that larger organisations can also benefit from this as it keeps the support costs down for the overall service.  It is the responsibility of the end customer to keep copies of their latest configuration.
  • inCloudOne® Closed Services - provides traditional fully managed and closed solutions which means that all changes on the environment follow a strict change control process by inCloudOne engineers only. By closing the systems from third parties generally means that availability of the service can be better controlled, changes are not done within core business hours and stability of the end to end service is maintained.

Engineer Assistance

inCloudOne® provides support processes that are very flexible and can be tailored to suit your availability of on-site IT staff, change procedures and budgetary requirements

  • inCloudOne® Installations - When ever possible we try to supply equipment that can simply be unpacked and installed without any IT skills. On more complex deployments our customer may require an engineer to assist with the installations as there may be a degree of beposke configuration to integrate with their existing IT systems.
  • inCloudOne® Monitoring - Our engineers are based in our Service Management Centre and are responsible for monitoring and fixing any issues that may arise on our services. Whilst they will pro-actively address any core service issues, they are also there to support all of our customers on-site issues either pro-actively or reactively through a support voucher scheme that we operate. 
  • inCloudOne® MADC - All planned works, Moves, Adds, Deletes and Changes will be undertaken by our engineers in accordance with our customer requirements allowing services to flex to suit changing business needs.
  • inCloudOne® Pro-active Support - All core cloud services and any end customer services that have suitable access and SLA's are monitored and pro-actively maintained if an incident were to occur.
  • inCloudOne® Reactive Support
    • For all on-site Closed Solutions our SMC engineers will undertake the necessary changes either directly (if permission and access has been granted) or via a 3G stick which allows our customers to control access to inCloudOne and see what changes we are making as we make them.
    • For all on-site Open Solutions we allow our customers to undertake their own MADC's as and when they are required giving you the greatest control over the services. inCloudOne also offers support from our SMC should things go wrong.

Service-based SLAs

As with all IT solutions there are many components involved and sometime many providers.  inCloudOne will package these components and managed all providers giving you and your business an single end to end solution and SLA wrapper which break down as follows:


Core Services

  • The "Availability" and "Uptime" of the Cloud Services that inCloudOne provide to our customers

Connectivity Circuits

  • The connection to our customers site(s) and the "Availability" of this service as an average per month 


  • The "Response Time" it will take inCloudOne to respond to a hardware fault being detected or reported to us and the "Replacement Time" it will take for us to swop out the hardware if it has failed.


  • The "Response Time" inCloudOne offers to all of our customers who use our support services.

Approach to Support

inCloudOne® allows its customers to have access to the routers and hardware equipment we sell or include as part of our service. We recognise that this is essential for smaller organisations as they typically want to adapt their systems to their fast changing needs. We also have found that larger organisations can benefit from this model as it keeps the support costs down especially as they typically have IT resources on site.

Service Management Centre (SMC) support levels

  • Level 1 & 2 are provided by our UK based Service Management Centre (SMC)
  • Level 3 is typically backed off to the end manufacture or specialised partner with direct access to the manufacturers resources
  • "Dead" hardware replaced from stock under committed SLA's, Access to software updates are all FREE
  • Tailored SLA's to meet your business needs including, Next Business Day, Engineer on-site, 8-hour / 4-hour response with product replacement
  • The ability to consolidate all your existing Cisco hardware contracts into one simple to manage and cost effective agreement
  • To keep the costs as low as possible, inCloudOne sell these SLA's with and without an engineer on-site to reflect a customers presence of IT skills

Engineer Assist Services

inCloudOne® provides support process that is very flexible and can be tailored to suit, your availability of on-site IT staff, change procedures and budgetary requirements.

  • Installations

  • Monitoring*

  • Pro-Active Support

  • Reactive Support

  • Planned Works - Moves, Adds, Deletes, Changes (MADC)

    *Typically we ask customers to provide VPN access to an inCloudOne management VLAN if you wish us to monitor, manage or configure on-site supplied equipment.

Fully Managed Closed Solution with SLA - Monthly subscription applies

This is a traditional fully managed support agreement and has been designed to provide the customer with an SLA cover and technical support should on-site services stop working. This options covers the following SLA terms:

  • Automatic and pro-active response to monitored outages
  • 24x7 with a 4 hour SLA response time
  • All supplied inCloudOne hardware equipment
  • a monthly recurring charge applies
  • Pre-paid vouchers for customer change requests

Standard Support Services with SLA - Pre-Paid Voucher

This option is a pay-as-you-go support agreement that has been primarily design to support changes to on-site IT services and covers the following terms:

  • 8x5 with 4 hour SLA response time
  • 8x5 BAU Planned Changes
  • Covers all general IT support for services provided
  • Payment is via Pre-paid voucher scheme

On-Site Support Services - Monthly Subscription applies

This option has been designed to provide customers with remote and on-site IT skills and capability should they ever need it.

  • inCloudOne recognise that not all customers may want us to be able to access and monitor their on-site equipment. Although this does restrict use from monitoring the end to end solution inCloudOne can still assist with on-site support using the FREE suppled 3G wireless stick.
  • By using a laptop connected to our connectivity solutions with the 3G stick inserted we can access your equipment via a controlled WebEx session so you can see exactly what we are doing to address the issues and even show us what changes you have made.


Should an incident occur that is not the fault of the customer then inCloudOne will respond within 4 hours (subject to contract) and NO CHARGE will be made to the customer. If an SLA is in place (subject to contract) then inCloudOne will do everything it can to meet its obligation.

Hardware Maintenance Services

inCloudOne® provides engineers for complex on-site installations and it also offers the following two options on all hardware provided:

  • 8x5xNBD (Network Business Day) Hardware only replacement service via courier
  • 8x5xNBD/E (Next Business Day) Hardware only replacement service with on-site engineer

Buying Pre-Paid Vouchers

If our customers purchase any on-site equipment from inCloudOne they will automatically be granted the right to change the configuration of the devices to meet specific on-site needs e.g. routing of new subnets to a WAN VPN. inCloudOne accept that this is the most cost effect solution for the customer as this allow customer to make the changes when they require and it saves them money compared with a provider locked device.
However, by changing configuration their is always a risk of causing an outage to critical services and the customer may require assistance from inCloudOne to get them back up and running or simply wish us to make the changes for them.

  • To cover these situations or any other IT related support issues, inCloudOne provide a Engineer Assist Service which is very flexible and very cost effective.
  • By buying Support Vouchers in advance you get support time banked with inCloudOne® so it is ready and available when ever you need it.
  • You only need to purchase a minimum of two vouchers and you can always top them up if you find you need more IT support during a change programme.
  • You only pay for the support you receive.
  • We think this is a very fair and responsible way of providing support services to our customers and it offers huge flexibility and extended IT services.

How you spend the Vouchers

Once vouchers have been purchased, then these can be spent on support as required by our customers.

The following rates show how these vouchers are spend:

SMC Support - Email, Telephone and includes On-Site support*

  • 1 Voucher = 30 Minutes - Core Business Hours 9am - 5pm
  • 1 Voucher = 20 Minutes - Outside of Core Business Hours (excludes Bank Holidays)
  • 1 Voucher = 15 Minutes - Bank Holidays

*Onsite engineers are only supplied in half and full days (4 and 8 hours respectively) and their time includes travel

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