One Number

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The One Number

  • Will put a caller through to your where ever you are and what ever phone your on‡
  • Advance voice services can be added or removed to suit your business needs
  • Ability to setup greetings and other features via the keypad
  • 30-day minimum contract only
  • The only number you will ever need
  • Direct Dial Number (DDI) that any one can call
  • Registered to any device


per month

Voice Mail to Email

  • Personal voice mail box
  • Voice Messages sent via email
  • Easy listening PC, MAC or mobile handset
  • Optional SMS notifications‡
  • Optional retrieval via the handset‡


per month

Conference Bridge

  • Enterprise Grade Conference Bridge
  • Chairperson Passcode
  • Ability to Add Participant, Role Call, Participant Count, Lock out Conference, Terminate
  • Can start and stop voice recording when you want


per month

1. Setup charges apply
2. *Any price reflects the current promotional discounts and will be valid for
a. the fulll contract period if purchased when the BLUE sign is displayed on the website.
b. the first 3 months if purchased when a RED discount is displayed on the website.
‡Standard rate charges apply

One Number Solution

All of inCloudOne® solutions are based on "One Number".  Each user gets their own Direct Dial Number (DDI) for their chosen area code, we even supply non-geographical, freephone and premium numbers if required.

If the One Number is dialled our phone system will find where the end-user is registered, regardless of the phone device they are using and route the call to them directly, without delay or diversion.  The phone devices support are as follows:

  • iC1 Phones Systems
  • Softphone
  • Mobile
  • Home
  • Office phone

Advanced features can then be added to the One Number to extend the use and meeting changing business needs.   All of these featurs operate on minimum 30-day contract and so features can be added and removed at well without fear of lock-ins

Registering any phone device to a One Number

By using a simple registration process and regardless of where the end-user is or what device they are on, the calls to their One Number will always reach them.

This is not a divert solution, find-me or follow-me, instead our system knows where all end users are and what device they are on and so it routes the caller directly without delay or redial. All One Number solutions can have features added or removed from them to match your changing business needs. These features can be added and removed at anytime include services such as:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Voice recording
  • Teams
  • Auto Attendants

Using a device outside of the office

A One Number solution would allow remote agents to work on their own personal mobile or landlines without the need for them to have a corporate phone or give out their personal number. inCloudOne can announce a call before it is answered so that end users know if the call is a business call and where it is coming from, e.g. Sales

Advanced Features

inCloudOne® have a large range of configurable and advanced features that can be added to the One Number solutions. A few of the key features have been listed below:

VoiceMail to Email

  • Personal and Business voice mail boxes can be added to One Numbers
  • If your busy, on the other line or simply want the call to go to a voicemail then a voicemail box will take the message, and then send you a file via email
  • Played on your PC, MAC or mobile handsets
  • Optional playback on the handset with advanced, slower, faster, rewind, pause, callers number, etc
  • Optional SMS can be sent to a registered mobile to let you know that a message as been left.

Instant Conference Bridges

  • All One Number users can take advantage of enterprise grade conference facilities
  • Enterprise features like Chairperson, Participants, adding participant, role calls,  participant count, Lock out of conference, terminate conference and the ability to start and stop voice recording.

Team Number

  • inCloudOne® providesy Team Numbers (DDI's), which can be used to group a series of One Number users together. By advertising and calling the Team Number the call can be distributed fairly between the members that are logged into that team. A number of distribution methods are support such as round-robin and longest waiting. Typically teams are created for departments like Sales, Marketing and Support ensuring the calls are fairly distributed between it members. Whilst a team number is a good way to distribute inbound calls, individual users can still give out their own One Numbers if they require a direct relationship with their customers.
  • Team Numbers can have Business Voicemail boxes associated with them so that if a call isn't answered it is returned to the team mailbox which may have an announcement relevant to that department. This message can then be distributed to the appointed team lead or group of emails.
  • One Number users can be registered to one or many teams at the sametime for example an individual can be part of Sales and Marketing at the same time and take calls from both teams. Announcements can be applied so that the individual knows which department the call is for before they answer it.

Contact Centres

  • By adding a queuing to Team Numbers, an inbound Contact Centre can be created where calls are queued, soft announcements played and calls distributed to the next available agent.
  • Wrap-up times can be set for agents
  • Supervisors can be setup so that they can whisper to their agents and take control of critical calls.
  • Business hours can also be setup so that if calls are received outside of core hours, decisions can be made as to where the call goes, e.g. to an external agency or voicemail box.

Auto Attendants

  • inCloudOne® provide a simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that can be put in front of a Contact Centre, Team or even used to filter calls to different One Number users. A simple menu from 0 - 9 is provide so that calls can be filtered by asking the caller to press 1 for e.g. Sales, 2 for e.g. Marketing, etc

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • inCloudOne® provides an advanced IVR solutuion with a highly rich feature set
  • Multi-nested menus, call queues, dial pad input, comparison routines, priority lists, etc.
  • The IVR supports spoken words, speak's recorded phrases, soft announcements, transferring of calls and even voice forms

Voice Recording

  • inCloudOne® provide a range of voice recording solutions for individual handsets, on-site PBX's, Hosted Solutions
  • The One Number solution supports, Record always, On-demand recording and even FSA and PCI compliance options.

Call Minutes - Rate Card

  • inCloudOne® provide very competitive call rates for local, national, mobile, directory and international calling
  • We can achieve this because we aggregate calling via our highly resilent, central cloud switch


Hosted Telephony

  • inCloudOne® provides all of the telephony services that a typical office require from a fully hosted environment with no requirement for voice switches (PBX) on-site. This means that this solution can be used where companies do not want the expense of long term support contracts, on-site engineer visits or capital equipment. The hosted solution is also suited to temporary locations such as building sites where services need to be moved around, or across multiply sites where companies want to benefit from free inter-company calling.
  • Advanced telephony services can simply be turned on in the cloud and added to specific users or applied company-wide without costly upgrades or engineer visits.
  • The hosted solution supports Internet based SIP trunks as well as data assured SIP trunks so deployment costs can be balanced to suite the size of the organisation and will scale from a single seat to many tens of thousands.

On-site Telephony

  • inCloudOne® provide a range on-site PBX solutions which we have been carefully selected to complement our hosted services and our central PSTN and Mobile network breakout. This means that all of our customers using our on-site solutions will still benefit from our low calling costs used on our hosted solutions without the traditional support and long-term contracts.
  • On-site solutions can be managed remotely by the inCloudOne Service Management Centre (SMC) or can be self-administrated by the end customer through a very simple GUI interface. 
  • All of our on-site PBX solutions have been designed to extend local features and allow inCloudOne to customise them to provide tailored implementations such as Wall Boards and integration with in-house application such as CRM systems.
  • The on-site solution allows for a larger range of handsets to be supported than are pure hosted solution.
  • The end customer can also chose to implement features locally or at company-wide level. For example, the ability to turn-on video calling, messaging and voice recording locally for specific users or to implement voice recording to meet FSA compliances in the cloud where all calls for a company will be recorded centrally in a secure and anti-tamper solution.
  • On-site solutions can utilise existing ISDN connection and/or be used with inCloudOne range of FREE SIP trunks and voice assured connections.
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