iGel Thin Client Hardware

Discounts Available

Desktop Converter with Entry license

  • Standard desktops
  • Profiling and lock-down
  • Centrally managed†
  • 3 suitable feature packs available and includes the Entry-level LX licence
  • Deployment USB token
  • Used for converting old desktops or laptops into Managed thin clients
  • An excellent way of re-using old depreciated assets


One Off Charge

Entry-level Thin Client (LX)

  • RAM 512 MB (LX), 1 GB (ES)
  • CPU VIA Eden
  • Video memory 16 – 64 MB
  • Max resolution 1920 x 1200, Dualview (LX/ES)
  • OS Support Linux and MS Embedded
  • External Power supply
  • Power consumption, 13W (Idle), 2W (Sleep)
  • Flash, 1 GB (LX), 2 GB (ES)


One Off Charge

Mid-range Thin Client (LX)

  • OS Support Linux and MS Embedded
  • External Power supply
  • Power consumption, 10W (Idle), 1W (Sleep)
  • Flash, 1 GB (LX), 2 GB (ES)
  • RAM 512 MB (LX), 1 GB (ES)
  • CPU VIA Nano E-Series
  • Video memory 64 – 256 MB
  • Max resolution 1920 x 1200, Dualview (LX/ES)


One Off Charge

High-end Thin Client (LX)

  • OS Support Linux and MS Embedded
  • External Power supply
  • Power consumption, 18W (Idle), 4W (Sleep)
  • Flash, 1 GB (LX), 2 GB (ES)
  • RAM 512 MB (LX), 1 GB (ES)
  • CPU VIA C7
  • Video memory 64 – 128 MB
  • Max resolution 1920 x 1200, Dualview (LX/ES)


per month

1. All prices are from those stated above, Microsoft Embedded solutions are available on request
2. More advanced feature licenses are also available, please see our Licensing section for more details
† All Desktop convertor prices can only be honoured if one of our centrally managed option is also taken 
Please call our Freephone number to discuss volume discounts,central management and licensing requirements


All of these hardware based thin clients are compatable with all of the inCloudOne Managed Service including both our Hosted Applications, and the range of Access and Utility Services.  All hardware comes with either Windows and Linux licenses


  • There are a number of hardware devices to suite various end user requirements
  • Very low energy consumption (Energy Star 5.0 certificate) with various configuration elements to manage this further
  • There are 5 hardware options, standard DVI, USB, RJ45 for Ethernet and even PS/2 port for specific keyboard types
  • Typically fan-less and very quiet in the office
  • Dual screens support is provided
  • There are a range of accessories available, touch screens, Wireless cards, smart card readers, serial or parallel ports, etc
  • Smartcard-based readers to support authentication, session roaming and single sign-on both Processor and Memory card are supported
  • USB-based authentication solutions (Aladdin eToken, ActivIdentity, HDI (Omnikey) and Gemalto (USB eSeal Token), for cost-effective two-factor authentication with no additional reader hardware, Certificate-based login, Option for signing e-mails or files within ICA or RDP session
  • Option for an all-in-one device with integral screen


  • There are a number of software options available as follows:
  • Each devices comes with either MS Embedded or Linux
  • Each O/S has three associated licensing models, Entry, Standard and Advance
  • inCloudOne® Access Services only require the "Entry" license
  • Native Browsers - These require the "Standard" license as the toolbars are configurable
  • Most industry standard protocols and thin client support methods are included in one of the licensing types including Microsoft® RemoteFX™

Desktop Converter

  • By taking an old desktops or laptops we can convert these machines to become managed thin clients that will behave in the same way as the IGEL hardware options and with all of the same features as the linux feature sets.
  • This is a very cost-effective and environmentally senstive option as it re-uses old and possibly fullly depreciated assets.
  • Because the software is Linux it does not require as much processing power to run hosted applications as a windows equivalent does so this will run on very old equipment.
  • This is an ideal and cost-effective transistion from heavy on-site client based software to fully hosted and cloud based solutions of the future.
  • By fully managing the now converted laptops and desktops using one of our three models, your company can benefit from reduced IT maintenance and general housing keeping as all desktops will be standarised and managed centrally.

Hardware Options

  • Very low energy consumption (Energy Star 5.0 certificate) with various configuration elements to manage this further
  • Managed centrally by inCloudOne with the option for local management by end customer
  • The cheapest licensing commitment is enough to run the inCloudOne Access Application Services such as our Microsoft Range

Key Benefits

  • Low investment costs: no unnecessary hardware or software (modular design, management solution included at no extra cost)
  • Low operating costs: energy efficient hardware, an intuitive management solution, no licensing or update costs; long service life (3 years of firmware updates even after model end-of life)
  • Very flexible deployment: full connectivity for peripheral devices as well as centralised IT systems and Web/VoIP/multimedia applications
  • Well-prepared, future-ready investment: high processor and graphics performance, large RAM and flash memory, continuously developed firmware including technology and security updates
  • Real potentials for consolidation: PC, terminal, telephone and print server combined into one economical end-user device means less need for middleware
  • Outstanding user convenience: esign and careful assembly, stable firmware, high performance due to direct access to server-based applications; no cooling fans mean no noise, minimal generation of heat

O/S Options

Microsoft® Windows®

Embedded Standard delivers the power of Microsoft® Windows®

XP in a thin client, with 32-bit Windows® compatibility for local applications and drivers. With a full-featured local Internet Explorer (Standard/Advanced) and Media Player (Advanced), users have all the required capabilities and maximum flexibility.

IGEL Linux

Is the most cost effective operating system with the best performance. IGEL Linux comes with a broad set of software clients, tools and protocols giving the user the possibility to access the required application with the best protocol. IGEL's embedded Linux operating system offers maximum stability and security. Having a strong in-house development team, IGEL customers can be sure they always have the latest updates and features integrated, in a rock-solid firmware.



This Feature Pack is designed for customers wanting to access just server-based Windows® applications using the Citrix®

ICA or Microsoft® RDP protocols. The IGEL Linux and Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard versions also have a Java SE Runtime Environment.


This Feature Pack has all the features of the Entry Pack plus virtualization support, local web browser, PDF Reader, and terminal emulation. It also supports remote access using a variety of VPN protocols and the ThinPrint client for enhanced network printing


This Feature Pack is an extremely powerful collection of features that can connect you to almost any application, media or peripheral. In addition to the Standard Pack it offers extended multi-media capabilities like multi-media redirection, Citrix HDX, a local Media Player and Flash. Additionally it supports more specialised features such as VoIP, a native SAP GUI, NoMachine NX and ThinLinc printing. For advanced peripheral support, the Advanced Pack also supports USB re-direction so USB devices can connect seamlessly to the server-based Windows desktop.

See our licensing section for the full listing of features

iGel Managed Services

inCloudOne® provides a secure (HTTPS and SSL) management of all Thin Client hardware providing granular control over each iGel or group of iGel's, e.g. responding to an individuals need to change screen resolutions. Each feature on an iGel can be locked down by the management service or released so that specific settings such as mouse speed can be control by the end user themselves. The management services come in the follows options:

Remote Management

  • inCloudOne can deploy iGel thin client hardware on multiply sites and from a centrally managed service securely configure and manage these devices instructing iGel clients on their next reboot to update firmware, deploying new applications or change local configuration settings. 
  • All connections to the inCloudOne managed server are initiated by the end users thin client.

On-Site Management

  • inCloudOne can deploy local on-site management servers to provide local or centralised IT administrators with control over their own thin client estates. The local management server can be deployed on a low-end Linux or Windows machine with the console running on the same or remote PC to control the configuration and management. Additional control features gained by having local management are as follows:
  • By deploying a local management server updates can be pushed out to thin clients, either updating the hardware dynamically or forcing a reboot to gain access to the new features. Good for completing over night changes.
  • Provide realtime status of iGels online status, firmware and software versions
  • The same granular control over each iGels configuration is always available
  • At all times inCloudOne will have a management service running so that in the effect of any issues, inCloudOne can gain secure access to change configuration details on the local management server(s).


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