iGel Thin Client Licensing

iGel Hardware next license upgrade

  • Entry to Standard Feature Set
  • Standard to Advance Feature Set
  • Upgrade any iGel Hardware running the Linux or MS operating system
  • Next level license upgrades


One Off Charge

iGel Hardware advance license upgrade

  • Jump from Entry level license to Advance Feature Set in one simply upgrade
  • Upgrade any iGel Hardware running the Linux or MS operating system


One Off Charge

Desktop Converter Std

  • Desktop Converter
  • Convert old Laptops and Desktops
  • Thin Client Solution
  • Linux based highly configurable
  • Centrally Managed
  • Upgrade from Entry to Standard Feature Set


One Off Charge

Desktop Converter Adv

  • Desktop Converter
  • Convert old Laptops and Desktops
  • Thin Client Solution
  • Linux based highly configurable
  • Centrally Managed
  • Upgrade from Entry to Advance Feature Set


One Off Charge

1. For the desktop converter a Token is required for the deployment these are priced at £50 each and usually only one is needed per site deployment
2. All prices for licensing above will only be honoured if one of our centrally managed options is also taken on the same order
Please call our Freephone number to discuss volume discounts and other licensing requirements


There are a number of software options available as follows:

  • Each devices comes with either MS Embedded or Linux
  • Each O/S has three associated licensing models, Entry, Standard and Advance
  • inCloudOne® Access Services only require the "Entry" license
  • Native Browsers - These require the "Standard" license as the toolbars are configurable
  • Most industry standard protocols and thin client support methods are included in one of the licensing types including Microsoft® RemoteFX™



This Feature Pack is designed for customers wanting to access just server-based Windows® applications using the Citrix®

ICA or Microsoft® RDP protocols. The IGEL Linux and Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard versions also have a Java SE Runtime Environment.


This Feature Pack has all the features of the Entry Pack plus virtualization support, local web browser, PDF Reader, and terminal emulation. It also supports remote access using a variety of VPN protocols and the ThinPrint client for enhanced network printing


This Feature Pack is an extremely powerful collection of features that can connect you to almost any application, media or peripheral. In addition to the Standard Pack it offers extended multi-media capabilities like multi-media redirection, Citrix HDX, a local Media Player and Flash. Additionally it supports more specialised features such as VoIP, a native SAP GUI, NoMachine NX and ThinLinc printing. For advanced peripheral support, the Advanced Pack also supports USB re-direction so USB devices can connect seamlessly to the server-based Windows desktop.

Desktop Converter

  • By taking an old desktops or laptops we can convert these machines to become managed thin clients that will behave in the same way as the IGEL hardware options and with all of the same features as the linux feature sets.
  • This is a very cost-effective and environmentally senstive option as it re-uses old and possibly fullly depreciated assets.
  • Because the software is Linux it does not require as much processing power to run hosted applications as a windows equivalent does so this will run on very old equipment.
  • This is an ideal and cost-effective transistion from heavy on-site client based software to fully hosted and cloud based solutions of the future.
  • By fully managing the now converted laptops and desktops using one of our three models, your company can benefit from reduced IT maintenance and general housing keeping as all desktops will be standarised and managed centrally.

O/S Options

Microsoft® Windows®

Embedded Standard delivers the power of Microsoft® Windows®

XP in a thin client, with 32-bit Windows® compatibility for local applications and drivers. With a full-featured local Internet Explorer (Standard/Advanced) and Media Player (Advanced), users have all the required capabilities and maximum flexibility.

IGEL Linux

Is the most cost effective operating system with the best performance. IGEL Linux comes with a broad set of software clients, tools and protocols giving the user the possibility to access the required application with the best protocol. IGEL's embedded Linux operating system offers maximum stability and security. Having a strong in-house development team, IGEL customers can be sure they always have the latest updates and features integrated, in a rock-solid firmware.



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