Cloud Managed WiFi Access

Discounts Available

Internal WiFi

  • Network support for b/g/n/a
  • Targeted Marketing options
  • Live end user reporting
  • Monitored 24x7
  • Discounts available on multiple devices
  • FREE Setup
  • FREE Internal Access Point
  • Managed WiFi with Support for WPA2 Personal and 802.1x Enterprise
  • Guest HotSpot Access for visitors


per month

Discounts Available

External WiFi

  • FREE Setup
  • FREE External Access Point†
  • Managed WiFi with Support for WPA2 Personal and 802.1x Enterprise
  • Guest Hotspot Access for visitors
  • Network support for b/g/n/a
  • Targeted Marketing options
  • Live end user reporting
  • Monitored 24x7
  • Discounts available on multiple devices


per month

Multi-Access WiFi Solutions

  • Multi-floor and building Solutions
  • Seemless hand-over between cells
  • Private, Guests and BYOD
  • Support for School, Charity and Enterprises
  • Targeted Marketing options
  • Live end user reporting
  • Monitored 24x7


  1. All WiFi Solution require a suitable access network to the internet. These can be provided by inCloudOne or an existing connection can be used.
  2. WiFi throughput will vary and will depend on deployment site, local interference and connection speeds to the internet.
  3. Free setup is subject to customers taking our starter kit which are installed by the venue.
  4. Installation is subject to time and materials, but most of our solutions are sold so our customer can install the device themselves.
  5. Voice quality can not be guaranteed over WiFi network unless they have been designed and installed by our engineering team. Please call for more details.
  6. Additional security control and isolation of networks can be provide through using inCloudOne Firewall and Switch hardware which can be purchased separately.
  7. Subject to a periodic service-provision fees by you, the venue, to inCloudOne. The WiFi Access equipment is free but remains the property of inCloudOne
  8. This Service is available to customers in the inCloudOnenetwork area in the UK, subject to your premises' location and a minimum term. End-user and further terms apply.
  9. Assurance packs will only be provided when our router have been purchased as we run special base templates that match our network
  10. Excess bandwidth over 30Gb per month may be chargable.
  11. Min contract period is 12 months
  12. *Any price reflects the current promotional discounts and will be valid for

a. the fulll contract period if purchased when the BLUE sign is displayed on the website.
b. the first 3 months if purchased when a RED discount is displayed on the website.

†Subject to survey and Antenna requirements

inCloudOne® Cloud Managed WiFi for single and multi-site businesses

Drive greater footfall from new and existing customers
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
Improve customer insight through real time reporting
Deliver your digital strategy in-store
Meet customers' expectations by offering WiFi
Target your customers with valuable, tailored promotional messages


What is Cloud Managed WiFi

inCloudOne® offers a fully managed WiFi solution, so all you need on site is a siimple Access device to ensue the suitable coverage for your venue.  Once installed on a wall or a ceiling, inCloudOne will enable the WiFi solution to meet your requirements. We can deploy this as a Closed Network (Private) solution with WPA2 Private or Enterprise or as an Open Network (Public) where you can allow your customers to access the network.  We can even support both methods at the sametime.  We will provide full registeration and log-on process for hotspot customers, supporting free WiFi services, voucher support or pay as you go options.  We will even add location based service if you are a town or a company with multple venues.  We will ensure that all end users land on your website or you can take advantages of our Local High Street solution which will promote your business if you are in retail to a wider community.

New Marketing Opportunities

By offering inCloudOne's WiFi in your venue we will provide you with several opportunities to deliver your digital marketing strategy:

  • Tailored promotional messages delivered direct to your customers via your venue landing page.
  • A marketing opt-in selection during our simple registration process.
  • This allows you to segment your customer base and have direct contact with them.
  • A platform for cross selling by utilising mobile applications in-store, such as QR codes.
  • Build a closer relationship with your customers through the use of social media, mobile and web whilst in-store.
  • Facilitating your cross-channel buying capabilities, for example, locating stock via the web or other parts of the business, fulfilling that order in-store and avoiding lost sales.
  • Get closer to your customers.


Valuable customer insight

To aid better understanding and more precise targeting through our data capture mechanic.  Our helpful account management team will supply you with regular reports allowing you to monitor usage and trends in your venues:

  • Length of time customers spend online
  • Top locations by usage data
  • Which devices people are using
  • Customised reports are also available


Working with inCloudOne

We can also provide insight information such as:

  • Customer profiling
  • Data segmentation
  • Targeted marketing initiatives

Attract More Customers

inCloudOne can help you attract even more potential customers


We will work with you to help make WiFi a success in your business. We provide you with marketing support including in-venue communication, PR announcements and advice on exciting and engaging ways of using WiFi to connect with your customers.

All customers using your location WiFi will be landed on a custom page promoting your business when they first log-in.

InSight View of Your Customers

Get closer to your customers with our WiFi solution. inCloudOne provides you with valuable customer data and insight whilst giving you a platform to send targeted messages and promotions, direct to customers in your venue

All customers using our WiFi solution will get to see the customers that log into your local service.  This allows you to contact them and promote offers and promotions to bring them back to your venue.  Customers must by law have the ability to unsubscribe to your venue, so working with inCloudOne we can help you to build a lasting relationship with your WiFi users.

New Marketing Opportunities

Our WiFi gives you a platform for cross selling and offering targeted promotions. Extend the reach and effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy

One Cloud - One Solution

We create tailored WiFi solutions which can include all internet access, WiFi access and Marketing - bundling all this from one supplier can save you money

Our Service is perfect for your business if you:

Are a small independent

Have less than 10 employees

Have an active business broadband line

Not you? Don't worry – find out how our managed service could help you here.

School/Charity or Social Enterprise

We have low entry solutions for multi-cell deployments

Can connect into existing networks

Give us a call to find out more?

Large Enterprise

Whilst we support local retail and SME business we also support larger enterprise customers with multiple sites and large floor areas.

If you are looking for a suitable partner then:

Free survey and design service

Fully managed or part managed to suit operational support

Integration with existing back-end systems

Give us a call to find out more?

Starter Kit

inCloudOne® will send you a starter kit containing all the essentials you need to set up WiFi at your business

What's in the pack:

  • WiFi Access Point
  • 1 x 5m Ethernet cable
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) injector to power the Access Point
  • Power supply
  • 2 x screws
  • 2 x Rawlplugs®
  • Instructions
  • Promotional materials

What you need to use the starter kit

  • A business broadband account
  • A router/modem with a spare ethernet socket
  • A spare power socket
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone to test your connection
  • Basic DIY skills for the installation
  • Get set up in 10 mins and make your business more competitive

Public WiFi Risks

inCloudOne can operate a WiFi Access point as a public WiFi hotspots that means that the network is open for all to access. This makes it possible for inCloudOne to provide a simple and easy method of connectivity for as many devices as possible.

However, this exposes the potential risk that a third party could intercept these signals if a device or application you are using does not encrypt the data it is sending over the network.

inCloudOne encrypts your data when you register or log on to our network only. For an additional level of security we recommend using a VPN client or software that encrypts all traffic passing from the device onto the Internet. A secure, free VPN can be found online at

Another risk associated with WiFi is the accidental connection to 'bogus' networks. In this rare case a third party attempts to mimic a 'real' hotspot and have you connect to it in order to collect data from your device. If you want to ensure that you are connected to an inCloudOne hotspot look for our 'WiFi Zone – Powered by inCloudOne', and access the page Check that the venue landing page appears and that the security certificate of the page is correct. If you have a registered device on our network it should also tell you that you are logged on.


General Internet Risks

Other risks of using Public WiFi are no different from using the Internet in general.

The most important thing is to ensure that the apps, sites and services you use while browsing are from safe sources and to use and update basic protections such as your firewall and virus checkers.

Follow these simple steps to protect your devices and your personal data;

  • Install and update well-known anti-virus software and personal firewalls to protect your devices
  • Make sure you log out when your session ends – and make sure any 'Keep me logged in' check-boxes are not ticked
  • Ensure your computer is password-protected
  • Don't leave your laptop unattended in a public place – or lock it if you absolutely have to leave it
  • Be careful not to leave credit card details exposed on-screen
  • Make sure sites are secure before entering your personal banking details – look for the padlock icon on your browser and click it to confirm the page is secure
  • Look for web addresses starting 'https' – the 's' means the page is encrypted and your details are secure
  • Be careful when responding to emails – don't divulge any personal or financial details, and remember that your bank will never ask you to send them your password or PIN
  • Shop sensibly – exercise caution and check reviews of sites you're unfamiliar with
  • Avoid 'phishers' – sites that resemble a legitimate business but are in fact fakes designed to steal your personal details – by being cautious and protecting your personal details
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