Conference Call

Conference Call

  • Stop and start voice calling with playback and archive
  • Chairperson Passcode
  • Ability to Add Participant, Role Call, Participant Count, Lock out Conference, Terminate
  • Enterprise Grade Conference Bridge
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • No External Facilitator required


per month

1. A One Number is required to add this service
2. Setup charges apply
3. *Any price reflects the current promotional discounts and will be valid for
a. the fulll contract period if purchased when the BLUE sign is displayed on the website.
b. the first 3 months if purchased when a RED discount is displayed on the website.
‡Standard rate charges apply

Audio Conferencing

The ability to make an audio conference calling between multiple parties internal and external to your company

  • Hosted Solutions remove the need for managing communications within your own environment.
  • Let inCloudOne manage technology whilst you focus on managing your business.
  • All our Hosted Solutions are kept in state-of-the-art data centers providing peace of mind your data is protected and providing the highest availability against traditional offerings.
  • Latest software releases will be all be managed by inCloudOne removing the challenge from your business.
  • Reduces capital expenditure.
  • Monthly license costs.
  • 24 x 7 UK business support.

Conferencing Calling

Audio Call Conferencing allows conferencing between parties without incurring either set-up charges per conference or additional call charges, this can offer a significant overall savings for large organised multi party calling. The only ongoing cost incurred is the cost of the call.

All One Number users can take advantage of enterprise grade conference facilities

Enterprise features like Chairperson, Participants, adding participant, role calls, participant count, Lock out of conference, terminate conference and the ability to start and stop voice recording.

  • Improve individual and team productivity
  • Low cost multi-party calling
  • No outside facilitator required
  • Quick and easy to set up and use
  • Instant setup of conference bridge
  • Voice recording / archive / playback conference calls

To arrange a pre-sales consultation to discuss your voice requirements please call inCloudOne sales.

Hosted Telephony

  • inCloudOne® provides all of the telephony services that a typical office require from a fully hosted environment with no requirement for voice switches (PBX) on-site. This means that this solution can be used where companies do not want the expense of long term support contracts, on-site engineer visits or capital equipment. The hosted solution is also suited to temporary locations such as building sites where services need to be moved around, or across multiply sites where companies want to benefit from free inter-company calling.
  • Advanced telephony services can simply be turned on in the cloud and added to specific users or applied company-wide without costly upgrades or engineer visits.
  • The hosted solution supports Internet based SIP trunks as well as data assured SIP trunks so deployment costs can be balanced to suite the size of the organisation and will scale from a single seat to many tens of thousands.

On-site Telephony

  • inCloudOne® provide a range on-site PBX solutions which we have been carefully selected to complement our hosted services and our central PSTN and Mobile network breakout. This means that all of our customers using our on-site solutions will still benefit from our low calling costs used on our hosted solutions without the traditional support and long-term contracts.
  • On-site solutions can be managed remotely by the inCloudOne Service Management Centre (SMC) or can be self-administrated by the end customer through a very simple GUI interface.
  • All of our on-site PBX solutions have been designed to extend local features and allow inCloudOne to customise them to provide tailored implementations such as Wall Boards and integration with in-house application such as CRM systems.
  • The on-site solution allows for a larger range of handsets to be supported than are pure hosted solution.
  • The end customer can also chose to implement features locally or at company-wide level. For example, the ability to turn-on video calling, messaging and voice recording locally for specific users or to implement voice recording to meet FSA compliances in the cloud where all calls for a company will be recorded centrally in a secure and anti-tamper solution.
  • On-site solutions can utilise existing ISDN connection and/or be used with inCloudOne range of FREE SIP trunks and voice assured connections.
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