Voice Assured Connectivity

2 Concurrent Calls

  • Assured Bandwidth
  • Up to 2 Concurrent calls (G.711)
  • ADSL 200 Voice DSL


per month

3 Concurrent Calls

  • ADSL 350 Voice DSL
  • Assured Bandwidth
  • Up to 3 Concurrent calls (G.711)


per month

7 Concurrent Calls

  • ADSL 750 Voice DSL
  • Assured Bandwidth
  • Up to 7 Concurrent calls (G.711)


per month

  1. As with all DSL services, the bandwidth you will receive is dependent on the distance to the local telephone exchange
  2. The number of concurrent calls is based on using G.711
  3. These lines do not support Internet based access
  4. Subject to a termination charges

Voice Connectivity Solution

This is a voice only connectivity solution, it guaranteed the quality of the connection to your site, it also guarantees the number of concurrent calls that can be made at the same time.  You will still need to chose  SIP trunk/channels if you have an on-site PBX or one of our Voice Solutions if you have no PBX or want to remove it.

Give our pre-sale a call to discuss your requirements and we will explain in simple language the options we have available to you.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

VoIP covers many different things but essentially it is a service offered by an Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) like inCloudOne® who connects your company to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Mobile networks via the Internet or an alternative connection.

This connection is achieved using a SIP Trunk/Channel(s).

Your connection

The internet is simply a large networked used by everyone in the world and with this, the load on the internet goes up and down. As result the quality of the internet for voice calling also goes up and down inline with how busy it is.
inCloudOne sells three types of Internet Connections to carry voice calls:

  1. Voice Direct Connectivity
    Basic Voice services - This is an out of the box solution to onsite voice calling.  The quality of the call and the number of concurrent calls is not guaranteed as these circuits are budget connections which share network services.  However the contention on the line is typically very low (usually 1:1 but can be as high as 20:1).
    This service provides a value solution to inbound and outbound calling with the potential to offer high number of concurrent callers but without the need for expensive on-site PBX or ISDN solutions.  These services are based on broadband technology and are designed for voice only. These circuits do not go over the internet and no data services can be accessed.
  2. Voice Assured Connectivity (this services)
    Standard Voice services - This is an out of the box solution to onsite voice calling.The quality of the call is guaranteed as is the number of concurrent calls made. This is a voice only service and no data services are accessible on these circuits, these circuits do not go over the internet.
    This service provides a guaranteed solution to inbound and outbound calling with a finite number of concurrent callers. 
  3. Priority Assured Connectivity
    Advanced Voice services - The quality of the call is guaranteed and so is the number of calls that can be made.  These connectivity circuits can support 100's of callers at the same time. The connection can be used for Voice and Data services at the same time as inCloudOne prioritised the voice over the data to assure the voice quality and volume.
    This service provides a guaranteed solution to inbound and outbound calling with a guaranteed high volume of concurrent callers as well as all of your data connectivity requirements 

Our Hosted Communications assured broadband

Is connected directly to our communications switch to ensure an end-to-end managed service. This avoids the need for voice traffic to pass through the public internet with potential service deterioration during busy times of day. By comparison, when connecting over a third party network, it is likely that a part of the journey that the voice packets take will be over the open internet.

A managed service delivers benefits relating to voice quality. Where a private broadband connection is used the network connection, router and phone are monitored and managed and we provide a guarantee of end to end quality. When an internet network connection is used the managed service will manage the router and phone and ensure the connection makes best use of available bandwidth. Our managed service including handset provisioning of Polycom phones and firmware updates from the platform as well as access to our internal time servers to set the correct time and data on the handsets.

Each service has a contention level indicated. The higher the contention level (or ratio), the greater the number of users that may be trying to use the local DSL network at any given time. Therefore, the lower the effective bandwidth available, especially at busy times. So, the contention level on a broadband connection has a direct impact on the availability and quality of voice over that connection. Both the access and core networks are affected by contention: a highly contended network will introduce delays and jitter, resulting in dropped voice packets and poor voice quality.

Domestic broadband connections typically have a high contention level, but voice quality may still be acceptable over such a connection if there is only light traffic going through the local DSL network.


Voice Extensions

A voice extension or a One Number solutions is required to 

Assured Voice Grade Bandwidth

  • Out of the box solution to onsite voice calling
  • Guaranteed concurrent calls and quality at G.711
  • ADSL lines that are dedicated to Voice Only Services
  • Connections that do not go over the internet but instead straight to our Enterprise highly resilient hosted PBX solution
  • Managed Router and 24 x 7 UK Business Support options
  • Support Softphone as well as the Polycom range of phones

For suitable phone options, then see our Voice range and/or Hardware options 

Call Minutes

inCloudOne® provides the ability to break out to the PSTN and mobile networks. inCloudOne® have very competitive call rates across the globe.

Discounts for customers with high monthly call minutes are available on request, so please call us on our Freephone to discuss the FREE audit service we provide or simply call our FreePhone number at the top of this website to talk to a pre-sales consultant about the your voice requirements and the options we offer.

Call our Freephone sales number to speak with our pre-sales consultations and find out more about our broadband and voice access services that can be tailored to your needs

Voice Quality

Voice services can not be guaranteed over an internet based connection.

Office LAN's can also effect voice calls by introducing latency, to limit this priority based switches should be installed and prioritised VLAN's established, see our Hardware section or call our Freephone number to speak with a presale engineer

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP is the protocol that controls the call, this includes setting up the call and closing it down. The actual voice is carried using another protocol called Real Time Protocol (RTP) and is sent as normal IP packets.

The IP traffic can be connected over a public internet connection using your existing broadband connection. Unfortunately broadband providers do not like this as they make no revenue from these connections and most residential grade broadband services have not been designed to carry voice grade services.

inCloudOne® provide a range of business grade broadband connection and a number voice assured (guaranteed) circuits to address these needs.

Call our Freephone sales number to speak with our pre-sales consultations and find out more about our broadband and voice access services that can be tailored to your needs

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