Secure Storage for Disaster Recovery

Discounts Available

Desktop Starter Pack with 2GB

  • 128-bit SSL transfers
  • Backup storage which is automatically increased and decreased as required it
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Centrally managed 24x7 SLA
  • Corporate policies based backups available so that only files that are deemed important are backed up
  • 30 day only contract terms
  • Desktop/Laptop License
  • Secure Backup
  • 2GB of memory included
  • Scan-once client with automatic incremental backups
  • In country local backups to a military grade distributed storage facility from EMC
  • 256 AES Encryption


per month

Discounts Available

Mobile Phone backup

  • Read your documents
  • Browse photos in preview mode and view in hi-res
  • Download and play your music and videos
  • Protect your data with a passcode lock
  • iOS (iPhone, ITouch or iPad) and Android Mobile Phone backup§
  • Backed-up files from your Apple phone and take your computer with you in your pocket
  • Browse the original folder hierarchy or search for files in your backup
  • Open or share your files, anywhere, any time


per month

Server License

  • All of the Desktop features +
  • Backup storage which is automatically increased and decreased as required it (2)
  • Server Based License which can back up live and open databases and exchange mail files
  • The ability to back up all files locally to a USB drive or NAS while also backing up to the EMC military grade storage facility
  • Centrally managed 24x7 SLA
  • InCloudOne offer an initial back up (seeding) service for customers with over 1TB of storage (3)


per month

Discounts Available

Storage per 1GB

  • Per 1GB of extra storage
  • Only applied if required and automatically removed if not†
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Centrally Managed by our Service Management Centre (SMC) 24x7


per month

1.Free set-up with only 30 day contract terms
a. the fulll contract period if purchased when the BLUE sign is displayed on the website.
b. the first 3 months if purchased when a RED discount is displayed on the website.
2. Server options must operate with a mimium of 10GB online storage
3. Initial seed service is chargable and must be quoted on a case by case basis
† Backup space is only increased after 24 hours (business hours) unless pre-arrangedm.  Backup space is removed at the end of 30-days of not being used.
§An inCloudOne® secure business backup account is required 

inCloudOne® Cloud Storage and DR Solution

Why Back up

Your Data is Growing

If you're like most businesses, the amount of digital files you're creating and managing is growing at an incredible rate.  Now how do you make sure all of your critical digital information is protected?

Data Loss Happens

Whether your information is kept on a company server or your personal laptop, data loss can happen to anyone. Hard drives crash, morning coffee spills and the 'delete' key can find your finger when you least expect it. Don't put your business future in jeopardy, backup the information that's so important to your business.

Why store your on-premise corporate data in the cloud

  • Cloud backup let's businesses move important data off-premise, whether it be corporate documents, data backups or archives
  • Cloud backup means that data is stored in a highly available distributed fashion, allowing you to always have access and also to pay as you grow, giving you the ability to add or remove capacity as needed
  • With obligations to retain ever-increasing amounts of data for longer periods, businesses are finding it harder than ever to keep everything in-house
  • inCloudOne provides a highly secure cloud-based service backing up local data whether it be desktops, servers or laptops to the cloud in partnership with EMC²
  • EMC² solutions backup up your data locally to your IP address, so you data will always be close by if you need it. 
  • Single files or the whole data can be restored in minutes where ever you are in the world
  • This is a fully distributed solution which ensures that even in a major Disaster Recovery (DR) situation your data is always protected and can be recovered

What Assurances do I have

  • You data is safe with the worlds leading in country miltary-grade storage drives and facilities provided by EMC2, servicing over 50,000 businesses and storing more than 25 petabytes of information. Strict security policies, military-grade file encryption, and world-class data centers allow you to trust that your information is protected, and only accessible by you when you need it.
  • Requires no capital expenditure for hardware, very little upfront cost, and minimal administrative overhead to maintain. All you pay is one simple monthly subscription payment.
  • You are the only person who has the secret key and so, no one else can access your data not even EMC
  • You'll be able to protect your most important digital files right over the Internet. Whether you're in the office or traveling, anytime you've got a connection, you can be backing up a second copy of your files.
  • Accidentally delete a file, or leave your laptop in a taxi? Simply restore the files you need from any computer, and get back to being productive
  • Never worry about losing important information again, or wonder what you'll do if your hard drive or server suddenly stops working.
  • Feel safe knowing that your important information can be restored when and where you need it.
  • inCloudOne® Heatlh Checks are performed 24x7 to check which machines backup, when they backup, space used and the success of the backup
  • inCloudOne® will build your company and its departments backup policies which can be applied to machines of your choice
  • You can take as much control of the backup process or as little as you want
  • You are only paying for storage that you use thanks to our storage management
  • You only have to sign a 30-day contract, so their are no long-term commitments if you do not like the service

What License do I need

  • We currently provide two license options:
    • One for Desktop/Laptop and,
    • One for Servers
  • The Desktop/Laptop license is design for office or remote equipment and will backup all application file types running on these machines
  • The Server license is different because it can backup open files (typically used by servers to support databases, mail files, etc). This license can also backup low-level Operating System (OS) files that may be required to rebuild a machine in the event of a disaster

How fast can I be up and running

  • inCloudOne® can roll out your backup solution in just 24 hours or for thousands of users in just a few weeks.
  • Once the setup has been completed then inCloudOne® will do the rest

Available on Mobile Devices

  • Access the files you want protected from your iOS (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) or Android devices
  • See all your backed up computers from a single application
  • Find files by search, or browse the files system hierarchy
  • Download and use your backup files right on your device
  • You can open a file in other applications that handle that type of file
  • Preview your photos or view them as a Gallery.
  • View and flip through your photos in full-screen mode
  • Publish your full-resolution photos to your Facebook account
  • Tailor your security to your own needs including login and logout capabilities, as well as an optional 4-digit passcode for extra security
  • The apps for are available for existing business users of our Secure backup using the encryption key provided.
  • inCloudOne® can grant permission to specific users so that they can store mobile phone data in their coporate backup store
  • Specific policies can be applied across all mobile devices or specific users, call our freephone number to discuss the options

24x7 Managed Service

Policy Backups

  • inCloudOne® can take total control of your backup strategy for you by either applying one of our many standard policies or creaing your company or departments with a specific policy to ensure that each machine backups up only the criteria data that you require as an organisation.

Only pay for what you use

  • We will even manage your storage requirement, increasing it when you need it and automatically reducing it after 30 days if spare capacity is not used.
  • This means that you only pay for what you use and not what you think you will need

What decisions do I have to make

  • Decide on how many Desktop/Laptops and Servers you wish to back up
  • There is no need to assess the size of backup required unless you want too. inCloudOne® can simply apply standard policies to backup the key files for Windows and MAC, this can then be adjusted overtime once you know the size and what files are important to your business
  • Simply call us to discuss your objectives

What to do next?

  1. Call inCloudOne® on
    1. Our freephone number,
    2. Email us at,
    3. Request a call back from our website or,
    4. Chat with one of our agents about the product using our website chat service
  2. We fulfil your order and provide access to a secure website to download the lightweight agent
  3. We configure your policies based on your requirements or you can set it yourself

Secure and Simple to meet your Storage and DR needs

  • No capital costs, low monthly costs, only pay for the storage used
  • Meets your off-site storage needs
  • Forms part of your Archive Strategy and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Simple point and click installation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Automatic scheduled backups
  • Regular backups through the day
  • Transparent to users
  • Low demand on CPU
  • Your application take priority over the CPU and not the backup (configurable)
  • Distributed file storage for Disaster Recovery
  • Your data is stored locally to your IP address
  • All data is encrypted to (user choice of 256-AES or 448-bit Blowfish)
  • All data is transferred over Secure 128-bit SSL
  • Recover single files or the whole data set
  • Supports Laptops, Desktops and Servers
  • Supports Operating Systems for MAC and PC (Unix to follow shortly)
  • You have complete visibility to backups, logs, total capacity stored and can restore as required

Additional Managed Services available

  • Design and build your Backup Strategy - which files that are backed up and how often
  • Design of backup policies for each company, department, machine
  • Deployment of Client software on-site(s)
  • Local copy of data to USB and NAS environments
  • Server imaging and other enterprise services

Upstream Speed / Bandwidth

  • It is accepted that the upstream speed of your connection to the internet is important for backups
  • However, this is generally only important for the first time our device is backed up
  • Using acceleration technology our client can improve on this initial backup time
  • To assist, inCloudOne provides a tool on our website to assess the upstream speed of your line and calculate the time it would take to perform the first seed file
  • By performing your first backup outside of core business hours the backup speed will dramatically increase (result of dedicated CPU use and , higher network bandwidth)

Control and Encrypted storage for peace of mind

  • Customisable client configurations at the user-group level
  • Data is protected at the client using AES 256-bit encryption. In transit it is doubly-encrypted with 128-bit SSL
  • Scan-once client with incremental backups at the block or sub-block level
  • De-duplication / single instancing at the encryption key level
  • Near-CDP (as frequently as every 2 hours)
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Scheduled or Automatic (based on CPU and Idle time parameters) backup settings
  • Customisable backup sets by file type, size, location, etc
  • Free versioning
  • Open file support through Microsoft VSS for Exchange and SQL
  • Multiple activation methods (silent, assisted via tools like SMS)
  • You have complete visibility to backups, logs, total capacity stored and can restore as required

Initial Data Seeding

  • For clients who have a large amount of on-site storage that needs to be securely backed up off-site then inCloudOne have the perfect solution which is managed 24x7
  • For those customers with over 1TB of back requirements we offer an initial back up (seeding) service
  • This seeding service involves taking the backup locally using a secure drive and then secure couriering this to the UK EMC data centre for safe deployment
  • Using this method we remove the dependancy on client bandwidth connections
  • Our customers are fully up and running in less than 3 days from software deployment
  • Full piece of mind that client data is fully secure and up to date in near-realtime (every 2 hours if required) 

Where to go for Sales Support?

  • The inCloudOne Sales team is available to help with product questions
  • Webex Demos for customers and partners
  • Demo Licenses for prospective clients
  • Competitive Information
  • Any and all other sales/technical related questions

What to do next ?

  1. Call inCloudOne on
    1. Our freephone number,
    2. Email us at,
    3. Request a call back from our website or,
    4. Chat with one of our agents about the product using our website chat service
  2. We fulfil your order and provide access to a secure website to download the lightweight agent
  3. We configure your policies based on your requirements or you can set it yourself
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