½ Rack Hosting Space

  • Network monitoring
  • Inclusive 5 Amps Power
  • Diverse power and communications links


per month

Option 2

  • Full 42u rack Hosting Space
  • 5 Hours of remote hands and eyes support
  • 10Mb Dedicated Internet Transit
  • Inclusive 10 Amps Power


per month

Option 2 +

  • Link to on-net Data Centres†
  • Increased hands and eyes support
  • Increased power
  • Access to power and environmental monitoring portal
  • Diverse comms with live and automatic failover


All pricing is excluding VAT
All pricing excludes any setup and required hardware costs
Full rack power provision is typically 2.5kW and half a rack is 1.25kW
Power usage for each cabinet is metered using individual PDU's. If the Customer exceeds their power draw, a unit price of 10p will be charged per kWh thereafter
†These include, but are not exclusive to, Telehouse North, Telehouse East, Telecity 6 & 7, Telecity 8 & 9, Equinix, Global Switch 1 and Interxion 

  • Secure Your Data from Outages and Breaches
  • Security – generator backup, UPS, air conditioning, fire suppression
  • Save space – no need to invest in your own comms room
  • Fits your needs – from one server to multiple racks and secure caged areas, or full cabinets are available
  • Support – our own team of engineers are on-site 24/7 to provide remote hands support
  • 24x7x365 Access
  • CCTV and access control throughout
  • Secure locked server racks
  • Flexible power solutions
  • Remote Hands and Eyes Support

Data Centre

Our data centre is maintained by its highly trained staff. The data center is specially designed and equipped to the highest industry standards – uninterruptible AC power supplies, automatic fire extinguishing equipment with smoke detectors, backup generators, access control, security systems and redundant fibre connections to major carriers.

The data centre facility has the following specifications:

Temperature control

Room temperature is maintained at 18 to 25 ºC with a humidity level of 40% - 60%.

Climate control systems

The customer areas in our data centre are equipped with air-cooling systems. Multiple air conditioning units are installed to provide redundant capacity.


All equipment is managed not only at a network level, but also at a physical level. This ensures that the SineQN's needs are met. Operational checks are conducted from 7am each day and status reports are logged onsite.

Guaranteed Power

At the hosting site, 3 phase Power distribution is supplied with local PDUs housed within each cabinet.

The following Power options are available:

AC Power voltage 400 Volt (16 and 32 Amp – each cabinet)

AC 230 Volt Power breakers: 16 or 32 Amp


Security is as important to us as it is to you. The data centre's are protected by an electronic intruder system and security guards. Proof of identity is mandatory for visitors and is checked against customer-defined access lists. All visits are logged, and video surveillance cameras monitor all activity within secure areas.

etter-spacing: 0.0px;">Building management systems

All sites are monitored with 3 daily physical checks. All events are controlled and procedures are in place to react to every possible incident 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire protection

The data centre is equipped with smoke/fire detection systems and gas-based fire suppression systems as a first-line defense against fire. These systems are automatic and monitored continuously (24 x 7). All facilities are equipped with hand-held CO2 fire extinguishing systems, as required by local fire regulations.


Monitoring services provide the availability to performance characteristics of system and network components in near real-time, to report on the performance characteristics, to set thresholds for automatic alarms and to take appropriate actions upon such alarms.

Data centre access is limited to security-cleared personnel and enforced by extensive CCTV monitoring and access control systems.

Clean and constant power is delivered by our fully redundant UPS system and in the case of a mains failure, power is provided by diesel generators capable of running the data centre indefinitely.

We can provide hands and eyes support on Customer's equipment and is available 24x7x365

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