Fibre High Speed Broadband FTTC

inCloudOne® FTTC+ is the next generation of Broadband services, increasing download speeds by up to 10 times and upload speeds by an incredible 28 times. This is a highly reliable business grade connection which is fully managed and monitored 24/7 by inCloudOne.

The service is made up of a Fibre Optic network, which offers some of the fastest broadband speeds available. Fibre optic cables use thin strands of glass to transmit information at the speed of light. This means your broadband connection will be much faster and more reliable allowing you to stream video content, download files, as well as uploading at the highest speed.

FTTC stands for 'Fibre to the Cabinet' which means there is now fibre to the small green boxes in your street.  

Broadband designed for the business

inCloudOne® recognises the importance of broadband to businesses, however the reliability of broadband is only best-efforts and some ISP's simply resell their residential products as business services.

inCloudOne® has built our own private network to host our cloud services and working with major access providers we have delivered a range of true business grade connectivity solutions.  We don't sell Plain Old Broadband (POB), but we do sell fully monitored and managed business-grade broadband with speeds of up to 80Mpbs, no shared connection, symmetrical options, voice grade and VPN solutions.  If you are looking to switch out your current and unreliable provider or simply looking for the next generation of broadband then look no further and call us on our freephone number above

Connectivity for larger organisations

inCloudOne® offers highly redundant and diversity circuits with SLA’s that can be used to carry voice and data traffic.  Using our own private network we are able to interconnect different sites using different access methods and deliver point to point or multipoint solutions with centralised firewall control for internet access.

inCloudOne® offer a series of 10/100 and 20/100 cloud circuits which provide Internet services up to 10 or 20Mbps with the rest of the bandwidth being allocated to our private network allowing you to interconnect different sites and take advantage of our Managed Cloud Services reducing your total cost of ownership in IT

inCloudOne® also offer the ability to interconnect with different providers and data centres to ensure a totally private network solution end to end.

Connectivity for Multi-Sites using VPNs

inCloudOne® have a full range of connectivity services, some of these have the ability to be connected together to form your own Private Network.  This means that you don't only access the Internet like normal broadband but you can now connect to your various sites.  We can even connect your home workers and executives to the same network to allow them to access your data from remote locations.

inCloudOne® specialise in high-end connectivity solutions with speeds of up to 100Mbps, including broadband, bonded ADSL, bonded EFM, 3G and MPLS.

To use your own private network we will create you a centralised firewall policy to assure security at your perimeter.

Private Voice Services

inCloudOne® have a full range of connectivity services and included in this range is our Voice Assured services which are suitable for carrying and guaranteeing voice calls over a symmetrical connection.  We can even connect multiple sites to the same on-site or centrally hosted PBX solution giving you free inter-company calls.

inCloudOne® offer a range of on-site self managed PBX solutions which can use our voice assured SIP trunks to break out calls to the PSTN and Mobile networks.

inCloudOne® doesn't just provide connectivity we also provide the full end to end solution for all of your voice needs including full IVR solutions at prices that will suite all SME's and Enterprises.

Call our freephone number above to discuss our voice services.

Symmetrical Connectivity

inCloudOne® have a full range of connectivity services and included within this range we offer traditional leased lines and SDSL(M) broadband to meet your symmetrical connection needs.

inCloudOne® also offer zero contended bonded broadband services.  Whilst these services offer an asymmetrical connection the upstream speed can be as high as 10Mbps and so these services can be used as an alternative to traditional SDSL or even leased lines as the price point is very attractive.

inCloudOne® symmetrical and asymmetrical connection are also offered as VPN's which means you can inter-connect them to form you own private network across your multiple sites.  Various options such as 3G connectivity can then be added extending your private network to the field.

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