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IT Blocks in the Sky

By Mark Delo on
Mark Delo
Mark is a director of inCloudOne®. Mark has worked in Information and Communicat
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inCloudOne® already successfully provides 100's of applications including Telephony solutions using a cloud delivery model.  As your business changes we add and remove the IT blocks like Lego®

start-quoteAlthough the accusation of having one's head in the clouds is typically associated with daydreamers and risk-takers,
the adoption of a cloud-based business model could turn out to be the most practical path to
new sources of revenue and customer retention.

IT Blocks from the Sky

Cloud computing is attracting a solid following across all segments and markets. Businesses of all sizes are steadily recognising the performance and costs advantages of a managed services model over a strategy based on the purchase and upkeep of premises-based equipment.  As cloud computing gains further traction as a reliable and proven service delivery method, industry experts predict it will attract consumers from new spheres and markets.


inCloudOne® already successfully provides 100's of applications including Telephony solutions using a cloud delivery model. We use leading provider solutions, diverse network providers and even build our own solutions to provide the ultimate package for our customers. We think of these building blocks as Lego®, putting together the parts you need for your business and then delivering it from our cloud in the way that suits your business. As your business changes we add and remove the IT blocks like Lego®.

So we know how to build

Data Centres...

Networks ...

Voice Telephony...

Reduced Costs

A Cloud-based managed service offering is a cost-efficient way to enhance services and reduce costs. Among the most prominent benefits on that list is the ability to move to a utility-based cost model (similar to your gas or electricity bill), where the customer pays for only the resources it uses, as opposed to a large upfront capital expense commitment. Freed from the burden of having to maintain and eventually replace communications gear and other equipment, under a cloud-based model our customer will no longer be saddled with ageing equipment that prevents them from reaping the benefits of new technology introductions in a timely manner.

Managed Services

A cloud model also reduces the strain on internal resources by offloading the task of back-office integration to a cloud service supplier like inCloudOne who have the skills and experience to interface into many other cloud services and hosted applications - all remote from your site. A service delivery model that calls for consumer and enterprise services to be hosted also mitigates risks to our clients as we take care of the network and remote services for you managed and monitored 24/7.


The "buy-as-you-go" nature of a cloud delivery model provides our clients with a rich selection of services to choose from and to integrate into their businesses or to solve unique problems their business may have. Adopting this cloud model to augment existing services assists clients to expand their organisation quicker, easier and more cheaply, reaching new segments of the market. The cloud approach provides an affordable solution for clients two most pressing challenges: generating new revenue and retaining existing customers.


It's a win-win for clients, many of which are already familiar with the Cloud business models like Software as a Service (SaaS). In addition to enabling them to significantly enrich their service offerings to their business and residential customers, using a managed service approach eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrades and associated back office integration. As inCloudOne works with all of the major network providers and software vendors and have our own in-house cloud developers we can build and deliver your Cloud based solution with the best IT building blocks for your business.

Cloud Strategy Services

Want to do more than just move your existing processes to the cloud? Well inCloudOne solutions not only give you the opportunity to streamline operations, but also to change the way you engage with your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. While just migrating an existing process to the cloud will help you become incrementally more efficient, you'll be missing a much bigger opportunity to apply cloud solutions to transform your business.

Innovative companies are using cloud solutions as part of a business strategy to deepen customer, partner, and supplier relationships, increase employee collaboration, and identify new growth areas. IT and business leaders who embrace cloud, social, and mobile as enablers of business strategy are changing technology from a "keep the lights on" expense into something that truly impacts the business.

Integration approach for the cloud

Enterprises are adopting more and more cloud applications. As cloud adoption accelerates, integrating SaaS applications with existing on-premise applications or other cloud applications is becoming a huge activity. With a myriad of approaches inCloudOne can help our larger customers through the point-to-point integrations using custom code, to hub-and-spoke integrations, to real-time integrations using an enterprise service bus and find you the best methods to make your integration work for your business.

Professional Opinions Disclaimer: All information presented and opinions expressed in this publication represent the current opinions of the author(s) used on professional judgment and best available information at the time of the presentation. Consequently, the information is subject to change, and no liability for advice presented is assumed. Ultimate responsibility for choice of appropriate solutions remains with the reader.


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Mark is a director of inCloudOne®. Mark has worked in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Security for over 20 years. Mark has advised many organisations on their ICT strategy and delivery and contributed to many freelance articles. Mark holds a master's degree in Electronics and Communications from Queen Mary London University.


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