Managed Cloud Services and our Hardware

inCloudOne® sells all of our services as managed, which means that we take care of the full lifecycle of your services from their creation, the management of and final replacement ensuring that you get the very best value from your IT service and the cloud

inCloudOne® will, build a solution for you, ship it for deployment or even install it ourselves if it requires it.  We will then monitor the services at the core and on your site if we have access, maintain it and even replace it if it fails through our Maintenance Service.

inCloudOne® only supports our own equipment at your site, that way we know what we are looking at, and what we need to do if it fails.  Whilst we do allow customers to use their own equipment we can't always monitor it.  We sell a range of hardware that is 100% supported by our solutions, so please call us as we do offer a a larger range than shown on our website and various discounts on volume sales

Monitoring of Hardware & Software

inCloudOne® monitors and manages all of our core services to ensure that if there are any issues we know about them before they impact your business.  We actively monitor and manage issues as they arise through our own UK based Service Management Centre (SMC).

inCloudOne® also offers as standard these monitoring services to our end customers to monitor on-site network and hybrid cloud solutions giving you total piece of mind that we are keeping a check on the service levels.

When combined with inCloudOne® Maintenance Services, SLA's can be provided that suit your business and will guarantee to have services restored should an on-site incident occur.

Management and Maintenance of on-site infrastructure

inCloudOne® offer a range of maintenance options on all of our hardware supplies

Level 1 & 2 are provided by our UK based Service Management Centre (SMC)

Level 3 is backed off to the end manufacture or specialised partner with direct access to the manufacture

"Dead" hardware replaced from stock under committed SLA's, Access to software updates are all FREE

Tailored SLAs to meet your business needs including, Next Business Day, Engineer on-site, 8-hour / 4-hour response with product replacement

The ability to consolidate all your existing Cisco hardware contracts into one simple to manageable and cost effective agreement

Engineer Assist hardware configuration and customisation

inCloudOne® have a number of specialist engineers and although our engineers are used in the process of creating our services we also offer the same Engineer out to our end customers for integration and specialised configuration.

inCloudOne® preconfigure all of our solutions and the associated hardware before shipping it to site, so all solutions will work straight from the box.  However inCloudOne recognises that some modifications may be required to integrate our services with existing on-site networks and so inCloudOne offers an Engineer Assist service to deal with integration and optimisation issues.

Free audit and review

Paying too much for services?

inCloudOne have a team of experts who can analyse your bills and show you how to save money, improve efficiency and consolidate services.

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