Mobility solutions have been designed around services that can be used by staff out on the road, away from the office or simply businesses without offices.

Whatever the challenge is, inCloudOne® has a large range of communication and IT solutions to solve most of your business needs at a fraction of the traditional costs.

Through our mobility range their is no need for on-site equipment or expensive up front costs, its all straight from the cloud and its paid for on a monthly basis with only 30-day commitments.   Add and delete services as your require them, making your IT suit your business!

Suitable for all Business Sizes

inCloudOne® provides mobility solutions for al business sizes from a single phone number for your website or business card to a fully office in the cloud.  With no equipment on site their is very little capital costs to pay and so you only pay for what you use and the services can be added and deleted as required.

Whatever your challenge is then look at our ready-made solutions below or call us on our free phone number to discuss your business needs and we will show you how we can solve them.  Call today so you can focus on your business while inCloudOne manages your IT.

Voice & Smart Phones

Communications can be very expensive as a business grows and ensuring that all employees and contractors are contactable is a challenge for all businesses.

Some businesses have started out on mobile phones and as they grow they want to continue with this mobility but would like to separate personal calls from business, (dual numbers) embrace more advanced services like IVR's, team calling, the ability to transfer calls, register different phone to one number, voice to email and email itself. 

inCloudOne® can solve many distribution and mobility issues allowing your business to mature its operation, ensure that everyone is contactable and that they have the information they need to hand, allow your business to scale more effectively.


inCloudOne® operate fully hosted and on-site email messaging, Continuity, Archiving and Secure Smart Phone delivery solutions that will meet any business challenge. We also filter all emails via our double Anti-Virus and multi-layer SPAM detection systems before they reach you ensuring that you are fully protected.

inCloudOne® will deliver your Fax and Voicemail messages via email, we will SMS you if an important call has been left and we are continually expanding our messaging platforms to unify all of our services.

Through inCloudOne® CDS we can even deliver and integrate simple message exchange between third parties by performing private mediation. Whatever your challenge is call us on our free phone number to discuss your business needs.


inCloudOne® allows all of our customers to use all of our applications on 30-day terms and so you rent what you need when you need it.  If you employ temporary work forces to cover seasonal or peak demands then we can provide your office applications to match your work patterns or varying locations.

All of our applications will work over standard broadband from anywhere and allow you to store your files locally or centrally.

inCloudOne® provide a fully managed Thin Client Platform as well as the ability to hosting your in-house software on our platform.

Whatever your challenge is call us on our free phone number to discuss your business needs.


inCloudOne® can provide security while on the move through our managed end point security, messaging filtering, Smart Phone message encryption and control, data backup and personal firewalls.

inCloudOne® offers secure network VPN's for remote users and even private circuits from the home to the business LAN that do not go over the internet.

Whatever your challenge is then call us on our free phone number to discuss your business needs and we will ensure that our security experts look at your business challenges and tailour a solution to meet your needs.

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