How we can reduce your costs

Lots of businesses either overpay for what they have, use or simply do not know that alternative and more efficient solutions exist.

inCloudOne® recognise that all businesses are different and as we specialty in tailored IT solutions we also benefit from highly competitive connectivity, voice call rates and application costs that we can pass on to you.

inCloudOne® offer free audit and analysis of your current IT and Communication bills and we will let you know how we can reduce your costs and improve your user experience.  In conjunction with the audit we can perform a number of comparisons between traditional services such as Desktops, Application purchases, Telephony, Security and provide you with a 'savings calculator' against our equivalent hosted solutions which will help you justify the business case.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced to near zero

By removing or redeploying capital equipment on site and moving to cloud-based services your TCO can be reduced to nearly zero by renting what you use.  You will always be using the latest and most reliable services and so operating costs can also be reduced.

inCloudOne® will undertake a FREE Audit Service to see what utility based IT services can be outsourced saving you money.  inCloudOne® would never suggest that outsourcing your whole IT to the cloud is the answer but we strongly advise a hybrid model, ensuring you save money on the utility services and focus on the things that are important to your business.

inCloudOne® have a range of Professional Services including Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Transformation, BPO, Process re-engineering and developers.  We can assess and re-align your IT services to your business needs, helping your business become more efficient and effective.

Reduce costs through aggregation

inCloudOne® is a provider of tailored end to end IT solutions and because we provide the total solution to our customers we also provide aggressive pricing on Connectivity, Voice Minutes and Applications.  Through the aggregation of these services we benefit from reduced costs which we pass on to our end customers.

inCloudOne® continually review our prices and work with different providers to give our customer the best quality and value for money.

Try our FREE Audit Service and see if we can save you.

Rationalisation of IT Solutions

By reviewing what IT solutions you have inCloudOne® can mix and match many of our services into a suitable bundle that will allow your business to rationalise the services your provide.

By using one supplier you will save on administration, billing and overall costs for the services themselves.

Try our FREE Audit Service and let us review your current IT solutions and let us see what we can do to help rationalise your IT environment.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By removing equipment from your site and moving to our Cloud solution you will reduce your carbon footprint as well as your capital and operational costs.

inCloudOne® specialise in server Virtualisation and we are now able to snap-shot your current(legacy environment) and redeploy them in our data centres and give you back control over a brand new environment utilising the latest equipment.

inCloudOne® also specialise in Thin Client technology which is now matured to offer the same user experience as a desktop environment, coupled with cloud services this is an ideal solution for small to large installations and it will save you money in the process.

Efficiency can save you money

By rationalising, leveraging aggregation, reducing capital and operational costs, you will save money. But the hidden gem is the efficiency that can be driven through your IT solutions by reviewing them and moving to the cloud.

inCloudOne® are always developing our solutions to give richer features, innovative ways to work and integrating them so they work as one. This means that your business will continually benefit from more functionality but most importantly better ways of working.

Free audit and review

Paying too much for services?

inCloudOne have a team of experts who can analyse your bills and show you how to save money, improve efficiency and consolidate services.

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