inCloudOne® can supply most of Microsofts common applications through our Cloud based services, these include Office Solutions, Exchange, CRM, Sharepoint, Visio, Project. However, if there are any specific Microsoft applications that your business requires, then call us to discuss and subject to our licensing agreement we will see if we can deploy them for you.

inCloudOne® allows all data to be stored locally on-site or remotely in our data centre where it is backed up. For companies wanting to store locally then we can offer full and seamless backup options to ensure that you always have a copy of your data should anything happen to it.

Remember all SaaS application from inCloudOne® can be run from outside of your office so if its flexible working that you require then give us a call

Mamut Accountancy & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

inCloudOne® offer a range of Mamut accountancy software to our end customers which is fully hosted from our cloud and requires no specialised hardware or complex networking options on-site.  You simply choice the application you want, the users that you want to access it and pay for what you use.

inCloudOne® also allow you to turn on more advanced features when you require them without the need to perform any software changes on-site, just one simple request and your new features will be available to you.

Using the inCloudOne® Managed Thin Client platform, you can benefit from low cost, low energy consumption desktop solution which will happily run the Mamut applications.

Remember all SaaS application from inCloudOne® can be run from outside of your office so if its flexible working that you require then give us a call

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

inCloudOne® offers an environment on which other ISV can deploy their applications and offer these to our clients via our private cloud. Pur end clients can then access these services over secure links to PC and Thin Client platforms. 

inCloudOne® will fully monitor and managed the environment and working with our ISV we will ensure that all good IT practises are maintained including security patching and performance improvements.

inCloudOne® providers any specialised support for ISV's through our direct relationships, partners, and professional experts

Managed Thin Client Platform

The power of a PC, without the complexity. Thin clients are compact, energy efficient and productive desktops. Our thin clients have no moving parts, their service lives are extended beyond those of comparable PCs and the noise from fans and hard drives is eliminated.

inCloudOne® provide a fully managed Thin Client Platform that is suitable to run any of our Software-on-Demand (SaaS) applications.  We provide both Microsoft and Unix based solutions to suit your needs.

inCloudOne® monitors and fully manages these devices from our data centre so there is no slow boot ups in the morning or software updates to worry about, juts quick access to your applications.

inCloudOne® have a large range of thin client solutions to chose from which are all low cost to purchase, low cost to run, low-heat output  and are very small in size. If you have old laptops then don't throw them away as we even have a solution to convert them so they can run our services.

We can deploy your own in-house software

inCloudOne® offers the ability to deploy your own in-house built or purchased software in our cloud and deliver it back as a fully Managed Service over either a private network or over a secure internet connection meaning you can use it from anywhere.

All solutions can be run using our thin client platform or natively using your existing client solutions.

This is one of a range of Outsourcing solutions that inCloudOne offers, if you are looking to see if you can outsource some of or all of your IT then give us a call on the number above to discuss further your requirements.

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