Some businesses have started out on mobile phones while others commit themselves to traditional BT services.  As businesses grows so does the cost of communications and the challenges to operate a fixed, distributed and mobile work force.

inCloudOne® offer an extensive range of voice services that are cost sensitive and feature rich including, our One Number services, full enterprise IVR's, SIP Trunks, distributed team calling, instant conferencing, hold music, voice recording, call transfers, registering any phone to your service, voice to email, fax to email, and many more.

inCloudOne® can solve many distributed and fixed communication issues allowing your business to mature its operation and ensure that your customer can always get through, allow your business to scale more effectively.

Hosted Voice

inCloudOne® offer an enterprise grade feature rich and infinitely scalable hosted platform.

inCloudOne® offers both PSTN and Mobile break outs with highly competitive rates, and because we aggregate call minutes we can pass these saving on to our customers through our on-site, hosted and pure SIP trunk solutions which means you and your team can be as distributed as you want and still appear to your customers as though your in one location.

inCloudOne® supplies industry standard Polycom phones which we can fully manage from our Service Management Centre (SMC) saving engineer visits and making redeployment and upgrades very easy.  We also supply a series of Softphone and Outlook integrated toolbars for remote workers helping with unification.

On-Site PBX

inCloudOne® full manages our on-site PBX solutions, including monitoring of their functions, upgrades and configuration changes. If required we will even train your staff FREE of charge to undertake self administrate them their very simple point and click services.

All of our on-site PBX/SBC solutions can be fully integrated into other customer on-site platforms such as CRM and Database applications. Through our CDS services we can even create web-service wallboards and scoreboard by integrating Voice call data with Business Transaction data to meet our customers needs.

inCloudOne® can do things that you may not even have thought possible, call our freephone number above to discuss your challenges.

Hybrid Voice

inCloudOne® can provide a mixed platform of Hosted and On-Site voice solutions to provide the best value for our customers, offering flexibility as you grow, inherent resilience and best use of capital equipment keeping your costs low.

A typically businesses may want to front their inbound calls with inCloudOne's full enterprise grade IVR and queuing solutions but distribute these calls to different and independently managed on-site PBX/SBC. A mix of on-site and hosted encrypted voice recording can also be applied to suite specific needs and requirements.

inCloudOne® hosted platform is feature rich and infinitely scalable, but by using a mix of on-site PBX's inCloudOne® CDS service can customised functionality and integrate with on-site CRM and Database platforms to produce real-time wallboards and aggregated statistics and web services.

Mobile Voice

inCloudOne® are continually evolving our mobile offerings and one aim is to reflect our feature rich voice services on the mobile and smart phone devices.

inCloudOne® allow any phone including mobiles to register with our voice platform and receive calls as though you were part of the switchboard.  Nothing is require except a simple pin number.

When combined with our Secure Smart Phone Messaging services the mobile phone can be used as a total solution to most business communication needs while on the road and allowing you to operate without an office but still be part of a larger distributed team.

Voice end to end Solution

Regardless of whether our customers take our fully hosted, on-site or a hybrid mix, inCloudOne provide the full range of voice services including all the connectivity, on-site engineers, Least Cost Routing planning, Contact Centres, IVR, Auto Attendants, Team Distribution, One Numbers, Voice Recording, Instant Conferencing, Voice to Email, Fax to Email

inCloudOne® will assist you with your Moves by porting your existing numbers, 

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